【逃离塔科夫】新任务攻略 (2024)


hello again! remember the good old time when all the major fighting took place at polikhim? people were buying tons of gear from me back then. there was a kit, the most popular among pmcs.

thanks for your help, soldier! nowadays, theres battles all over the city, and everyones got their own different equipment. its an arms race, ill tell you that!

装备俄重 Kiver面罩头 使用M4在工厂击杀10名PMC

good afternoon. ive learned that сomrade prapor has become nostalgic lately. although i cant find time for such things myself, your and prapors affairs have brought me to a good idea.

my thanks to you. i dont know what wed do if the lab wasnt accessible to people like you.

在实验室找到特殊(红色)LEDX皮肤透析仪 (所有LEDX刷点均有可能刷新,每局不止一个)

【逃离塔科夫】新任务攻略 (1)

by the way, id like to arrange for a new package. to do this, i need to make sure that the pilots work as instructed, give a drop right after the launch of the red flare. can you help me with that?

it worked, right? thanks, friend. our airmail comes in

so handy!


【逃离塔科夫】新任务攻略 (2)

the factory run was amazing, your stories made my memory come flooding back! the gunfights are one thing, but when the bandits leaders showed up, thats when it got real hot.

older models always have a kind of personality to them. and this one, the gilding, the grip... something about it just feels right, doesnt it?


sup, bandit! hows life? a little birdie told me theres a special magazine in the ultra mall at the interchange. they wrote about our russian video game, which is recognized all over the world! i guess the guys really came up with a great concept!

now this is a victory! the magazine hit the jackpot! looks like real historical sh*t.

在立交桥找到特殊版本游戏杂志(立交桥二楼红星店内 书架附近 放映厅)

【逃离塔科夫】新任务攻略 (3)

hello, soldier. ive met some rookies recently, here in tarkov. they say people dont watch everything on tape anymore, they watch it live! programs, stories, and some even show their everyday life non-stop.

i think im beginning to understand why people watch these "live streams". its addictive!


【逃离塔科夫】新任务攻略 (4)


【逃离塔科夫】新任务攻略 (5)


【逃离塔科夫】新任务攻略 (6)

hey! remember the client with the game magazine? i have a new order. i need a data disk, its all related to the same game. some scam artist said that the people who created the game had stolen user data from 2 million accounts! and as proof he showed a hard drive to everyone, allegedly with this leak. but the publishers are serious guys, they would not allow such bullsh*t. so the client is looking for the drive to clarify the situation.

lemme see. ha, its a blank! yeah, the publishers turned out to be smooth guys, and trust me, this allegations kid will be forgotten by everyone.


【逃离塔科夫】新任务攻略 (7)

hello there. i know some people, a documentary crew. they want to make a movie about tarkov. theyre risk-takers, but i cant change their minds. so i figured id better help them get it done quickly and stay alive.

great, thanks for your help! the cameramen said theyve already come up with a title for the movie — "raid". sounds good, dont you think?













youre a good guy, ill tell you that. i wouldnt trust another man to do this, but youre an experienced fellow, you understand what im saying. i heard that prapor is now into modern technology, and hes got cameras everywhere, watching everything from his man cave.

well done! they say that even the outside world found out about our little move, haha!





hows it going, brother? i heard the citys stirring up, collecting souvenirs, reminiscing over old times. and i just got a lead on something like this. they keep these things in museums.

you got it? nice! what do those numbers mean? only the bright minds who know about tarkovs history will understand that, probably.


【逃离塔科夫】新任务攻略 (8)
【逃离塔科夫】新任务攻略 (9)
【逃离塔科夫】新任务攻略 (10)

hello, mercenary. you want to take our cooperation to the next level? you know the greater the responsibility, the more important the trust. prove your dependability.

well, now we can talk about your job.


youve made a name for yourself, and i may have an assignment for someone like you. but before i do, i want to make sure you can tell whos an asset and whos a threat. its simple, shoot the pmcs, but dont hurt my people. understood?

失败消息:doesnt seem like youre trying to keep my people safe. turns out youre more of a liability than a benefit. if you want to work with me, you have to prove your worth.

成功消息:heres your reward.


well, youve proven you wont shoot indiscriminately. recently, one of my men was poisoned on a mission and didnt even make it to the extraction point. we couldnt figure out what toxin caused his death. the guy went on a scouting trip to the white chalk circles. i need a more fresh sample and a tough employee who can survive the poisoning and make it back from the raid.

you survived the poisoning? now ill try to get some information from your blood samples and get in touch with the right people. either way, youve already earned your reward.


hello. i have an errand for you. one of our people decided he could use my distribution lines on his own. it looks like our "entrepreneur" is marketing to cultists with souvenir figurines. find them and bring them back, and ill examine their insides.

thanks. my suspicions have been confirmed. i hope you understand this job is not to be talked about.

上交在战局中找到的Ded Moroz雕像

上交在战局中找到的Politician Mutkevich雕像








you remember my "entrepreneur"? i found him, hes one of the local gang bosses. who? you dont need to know that. your job is to go to each of them and remind them that my trade routes are mine alone. dont touch the chiefs themselves, theyre more useful alive. but their guards should be cut down for a clear show of force.

失败消息:i told you not to touch the bosses themselves! i need to intimidate them, not take them out.

成功消息:done? god, now everyone will think twice before getting into my sales network.


the "entrepreneur" was dealt with, but there are still people in town who bought my product bypassing me. remember the toxin cultists? thats them. leave the fanatics a message from me. let them know theres only one fence in this city. you do that, and ill make sure my people stay away from you.

you found all their circles? after a job like that, youve definitely proven you can be trusted. here you go. with this mark, all my employees will know youre an asset.





hey, bro. my friendly competitors are poaching my customers. if they want to declare a trade war on me, then my answer has to be very serious. i found out how they transport their goods. they hire guys with big backpacks. take care of those mules, will you?

sick! thats how trade issues should always be dealth with.


you really gave me a hand with those mules back then. now everything seems to be ready for retail, but theres not enough momentum to revitalize our economy. lets show this town how to market!

now thats more like it! thank you, brother.


got another job for you, brother! i see the demand for backpacks, cant lose profit now. ive only got basic backpacks, so i need to bring in some exclusive items. thatll bring in more customers. you know what i mean, right? if you get some really rare rigs and backpacks, ill be in your debt!

you know what? these thingies are so good im gonna measure them and produce them myself. theyre gonna sell out instantly!

在战局中找到并上交Crye Precision CPC plate carrier (Goons Edition)

在战局中找到并上交Mystery Ranch NICE COMM 3 BVS frame system (Coyote)

在战局中找到并上交LBT-1961A Load Bearing Chest Rig (Goons Edition)

在战局中找到并上交Crye Precision AVS plate carrier (Tagilla Edition)


【逃离塔科夫】新任务攻略 (11)

look what my guys made! the rigs look like a perfect match, but they still need to be tested. if you can beat the local hotshots with them, then its a good product.

so, how was it? no stiffness, no tearing? then maybe i can increase the price a bit... oh, right, heres your reward, youre a life saver!

在装备任意三狗弹挂时(即Crye Precision CPC plate carrier (Goons Edition)LBT-1961A Load Bearing Chest Rig (Goons Edition)S&S Precision PlateFrame plate carrier (Goons Edition)击杀除三狗以外的五名Boss

【逃离塔科夫】新任务攻略 (12)

we did a great work together with the new gear line! just like back in the old days when business was booming and cash was rolling in. by the way, i got an idea for a special cut to make pants pockets bigger. you want me to try it out on yours? then youll have to pay for them. the patterns are pretty old and expensive. you cant do that from memory!

beautiful. alright, pants off right now, time for an upgrade!


we need to talk. sanitars goons have been prowling the shore area at nights. obviously looking for something. cant let it go unchecked. scare them off while i try to find out what theyre up to.

you fought them off? excellent! i found out theyre looking for thirstys hideout. he was the guy who used to always bring a double supply of water with him. i havent seen him in a while, right after he mixed up with skier. i guess it led to a bad end for him.


the thirsty dude? you too?! why are you all bringing him up all of a sudden?

you got it? thats a good start. now we can talk about thirsty.


so, i keep my word. before you, sanitar was sniffing around that guy, too. but his business proposition was sh*te, so i didnt tell him anything. ill tell you, but a bit later.

you done? very well. ill give you a bonus for not bitching about the job. so, anyway, thirsty used to hang around in the west wing of the health resort, in the basem*nt. that was a long time ago, before the junkies got there. we cleaned that place out a long time ago, but maybe theres something left, i dont know. check it out for yourself.





thank you for reaching out. i know youre investigating a certain person called thirsty. sanitar is investigating him as well, for a specific reason. hes always hunting for any information on terragroups activities. surely its all connected.

just a diary, nothing but that? well, it could still prove valuable... that handwriting is terrible! itll take a while to read it. heres your reward.




hello again. i was able to extract some scraps of information about a certain drug from the diary you brought. the owner of the diary used it frequently. its some sort of combat stimulant, i think you might be interested in it.

i was sure youd be interested in this! here are the results of the work.




whats up, warrior. ive been talking to my nephew about some video game where you shoot demons. i thought id give him a little present.

it really is a beast! even im now interested in seeing this game...


warrior! remember the db you were building? i couldnt deliver it past the border. thats a bummer, the shotty is gorgeous. speaking of, weve got plenty of demons of our own in tarkov.

howd it go? we really should add something like that to the inventory... i think its gonna be a big hit!


【逃离塔科夫】新任务攻略 (2024)
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