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  • Xindi Ship Classes
    05 May 2024
  • Earth Ship Classes
    05 May 2024
  • Mirror Universe Ships
    05 May 2024
  • Federation Shuttlecraft
    05 May 2024
  • Space-Dwelling Lifeforms
    05 May 2024
  • Federation Ground Transportation
    05 May 2024
  • Non-Existent Ships
    05 May 2024
  • Discoverse Klingon Ship Classes
    05 May 2024
  • Borg Ship Classes
    05 May 2024
  • Bajoran Ship Classes
    05 May 2024
  • Ancient or Mysterious Ships
    05 May 2024
  • Other Technology Inconsistencies
    05 May 2024
  • Star Trek Discovery (DIS) Season 5
    05 May 2024
  • Observations in TNG: "Legacy"
    04 May 2024
  • Observations in TNG: "The Nth Degree"
    04 May 2024
  • Observations in TNG: "The Hunted"
    04 May 2024
  • Religion in Star Trek
    03 May 2024
  • Star Trek Clichés
    03 May 2024
  • Treknology Encyclopedia - R
    03 May 2024
  • Aliens with Human Appearance
    03 May 2024


04 May 2024

Another old article supplemented with new observations by Jörg and better pictures: Observations in TNG: "Legacy".

03 May 2024

It looks for a while like DIS: "Whistlespeak" could become a classic in the vein of "Who Watches the Watchers", until massive problems in the back story become obvious.


25 Apr 2024

Read my review of DIS: "Mirrors". The episode comes with two big reveals, of which the second one works a lot better.

24 Apr 2024

Over 60 new or significantly improved images of Alpha and Beta Quadrant Starships, Part 1 and Part 2.

I have also updated over 20 articles in the past couple of days, such as Appearances of the Romulan Warbird (animated Warbirds), Analysis of the Qualor II Surplus Depot (summary and new HD images), Commercially Available Chairs in Star Trek (a few new finds) and several more that now have references to recent episodes.

19 Apr 2024

Here are my review of DIS: "Face the Strange" and my analysis of the time travel effects in this fun episode.

13 Apr 2024

Lower Decks has been canceled, Strange New Worlds has been renewed. Here is my comment.

12 Apr 2024

My review of DIS: "Jinaal". After a promising start of the season, things begin to fall apart in the third episode.

10 Apr 2024

I have added still 90 more images (mostly from the Shipyards books) to the gallery pages for Delta Quadrant, Part 1 and Delta Quadrant, Part 2.

06 Apr 2024

And here comes DIS: "Under the Twin Moons". The second episode can't quite keep up with the premiere, not primarily because of less action but because of the awkward ways that characters get involved in the story.

05 Apr 2024

Here is my review of DIS: "Red Directive". The fifth and final season begins with a good amount of action, decent character interaction and a galactic mystery with a connection to classic Trek.


31 Mar 2024

Update for the . I have added more than a dozen ships, recalculated some sizes and replaced the depictions with better ones where necessary. Note that only ships are included whose design sizes are known or that can be scaled with a reasonable margin of error.

28 Mar 2024

A new article by Jörg and me looks at Redresses of the Romulan Scout. This article has been in the making for almost two decades. And it will probably have to be updated as soon as next week, after the Discovery season 5 premiere has aired. So stay tuned.

23 Mar 2024

There are many Chinese characters in Soong's places in TNG: "Datalore" and "Brothers". Most of them can be identified by now, although not all of them make sense. Read in a new article by Lin Jingqiu.

18 Mar 2024

Over 50 new images of Discoverse Federation Vessels. I have also replaced all database side views of 23rd century and 32nd century Discovery ships with larger versions, where available.

16 Mar 2024

Fleet chart update: Discoverse Federation and Discoverse Klingon. There are a few new ships, and the side views are much better now. A big thanks to Pundus for the kind support! While I was at it, I also added large images from Eaglemoss publications to the Discovery Klingon Ship Gallery.

09 Mar 2024

I have finally added the starships from Star Trek Picard to the Federation fleet chart, which has therefore grown enormously.

Speaking of sections that have not seen an update in years, I think Star Trek + Design deserves an EAE Award. Congratulations, Eno!

02 Mar 2024

Massive ship gallery update with some 120 new images of Various Starfleet Vessels and (now on a separate page) of . Many thanks to Nathan Horton.


22 Feb 2024

Site maintenance: I fixed the broken links to the relocated TrekCore TNG Blu-ray galleries in all 145 TNG Observations articles.

21 Feb 2024

The oldest TNG Observations are reworked up to "The Battle" now. I also wrote a script to scan the whole site for missing resources, thanks to which I could fix two dozen broken thumbnails or image links that had come to pass with the latest improvements.

17 Feb 2024

Once again, there are over 50 new images in the Starship Gallery, mostly on the pages for the Vulcans and for the Miranda Class.

11 Feb 2024

Here are two more revised Voyager season 5 reviews, of "The Fight" and "Think Tank". I have also updated the oldest TNG Observations up to "The Last Outpost" with corrections, better images and more references.

10 Feb 2024

Many new additions to our Observations in TNG: "Remember Me", including a few surprising discoveries about re-used footage.

04 Feb 2024

Besides adding new findings by Jörg (currently in season 4), I have started to improve the oldest articles in the Observations section. I have included more HD screen caps, fixed or added references and harmonized the formatting in Observations in TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint" and the next four episodes.

03 Feb 2024

I have added many new items to our article with Observations in TNG: "Family". And the usual hint: Jörg posts new stuff at Twitter and at Mastodon every day, currently about his favorite episode "Remember Me".


27 Jan 2024

Over 50 new images in the Starship Gallery, mostly on the pages for the Cardassians and for the Excelsior.

20 Jan 2024

Here are two more revised Voyager season 5 reviews, of "The Disease" and "Course: Oblivion". Not the greatest episodes, still a pleasure to watch again after several years.

13 Jan 2024

Many new entries and images in the article with Observations in TNG: "Suddenly Human". Keep watching Jörg's Twitter account for the latest findings.

06 Jan 2024

Many more new images in the Starship Gallery, such as on the pages for Dominion and Allies, Constitution and Ambassador.

02 Jan 2024

I'm in the course of replacing many old (scanned) images in the Starship Gallery with much better versions, such as notably the annotated orthographic views. Other than that, there is a lot of ongoing site maintenance without a specific focus.

01 Jan 2024

Happy New Year 2024!

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Ex Astris Scientia - Updates (2024)


What does astris scientia mean? ›

Q: What does "Ex Astris Scientia" mean? A: It is the Latin motto of Starfleet Academy, meaning "From the stars knowledge". The ancient Romans usually did not use verbs in inscriptions, so it would be better supplemented to "Knowledge comes from the stars".

Did data go to Starfleet Academy? ›

Since Starfleet rescued Data from Omicron Theta, Data decided to enroll in Starfleet Academy. He was accepted and eventually graduated with honors in probability mechanics and exobiology in the class of `78.

What does astris mean in Latin? ›

astris. astrum Noun = star, heavenly body.

What does the name astris mean? ›

Astri is a girl's name of Norse and Latin origin meaning “star.” With such a definition, baby will always find comfort when looking up at the night sky.

What does the title scientia mean? ›

: knowledge, science. especially : knowledge based on demonstrable and reproducible data.

What does the Starfleet insignia mean? ›

The insignia worn on Starfleet uniforms is the equivalent of the badges worn by U.S. Service members — to show how they serve, not where they serve. Both men served with distinction in World War II. Roddenberry was an Army Air Corps pilot and Justman was a radio operator in the Navy.

What did the Latin term scientia originally mean? ›

The word science comes from the Latin word “scientia” which means knowledge.

What is the Latin phrase for Star Trek? ›

"Ad Astra per Aspera" – "To the stars through hardship"

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