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seven bay area connected tv app. it's available for apple tv, google tv, amazon fire tv, as well as roku. download the app now so you can start streaming. all right, thanks for watching. >> i'm ama daetz and i'm dan ashley for sandyha patel. larry biel all of us. we appreciate your time right now o >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- austin butler, lionel boyce, emily blunt, and music from madison beer with cleto and the cletones! and now, jimmy kimmel!

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[ cheering and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hello. very nice. i'm jimmy. thanks, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for joining us on another night of big time basketball. game 5 of the nba finals between the boston celtics and the dallas mavericks. happened tonight. the celtics were playing for an nba record 18th larry o'brien trophy, on their famous parquet floor. guillermo, you do a good boston accent. say parquet floor. >> guillermo: parquet. >> jimmy: he is a regular donnie wahlberg when he wants to.

11:37 pm

[ cheering ] a lot of people thought it would be over on friday night. vegas had the mavericks getting swept. it was such a disaster-in-the-making, ted cruz already booked his flight to cancun to get away. instead, dallas won by 38 points. no nba team has ever come back from being down 3-0. that's the bad news. the good news is, nowadays, if you lose, you can just say you won and a lot of people will go along with it. win or lose though, the great thing about basketball, sports even is that more than anything, they bring people together. this is from a game 4 watch party at the boston garden. this is what's known as a boston bar mitzvah. right there. i don't know what precipitated it, but i'm sure it was important. but important, keep in mind. these guys are rooting for the same team. then the guy who got beat down then goes up a stair or two and gets into another one with another guy. that should be a dunkin' donuts

11:38 pm

commercial right there. [ applause ] if that doesn't capture the spirit of boston. just a few miles down the road, the red sox got a father's day win over their hated rifle the new york yankees. during the game espn gave some of the players a chance to pay tribute to their dads. triston casas, the red sox first baseman told a story about his dad that moved many fans watching to tears. >> my dad, you know, being the dad that he is, trying to teach me the lessons that he did in his own special way came into the dugout. he actually grabbed me by my shirt, dragged me to the line and looney tunes style kicked me out on the is the field. and i had one of my best friends i went to high school with, he ended up playing pro ball, his mom called child service. no joke. at the field, i see my dad go away in the cop car, gets arrested and spends the night in jail. i love my dad to death. i wouldn't have this opportunity without him. >> what a lovely, uplifting

11:39 pm

story about why you were raised in a foster home. happy abusive father's day. speaking of abusive, i'm thinking about reporting my children to pps. parent protective services my kids, can i have those? the little one, each made me a card for father's day. i brought them in because i thought you might want to see. my daughter jane made this, happy farter's day, dad. little naked butt farthing there. and then there is me farthing on the whole family. you are a great dad but you smell, with smell lines, xo, jane. and billy made me a card. he is 7 years old. it says "happy father's day." and if you look down at the bottom, there is me farthing and him not enjoying it. i don't even know what they're talking about. their mother is the gassy one in the house. is she here? did she leave? on saturday, i interviewed

11:40 pm

presidents biden and obama here together in l.a., which was fun. especially backstage. we were talking about pranks backstage, and the president and his granddaughter told me that when he was vice president his wife, dr. jill biden, would sometimes hide in the overhead luggage compartment on air force two and jump out and scare people as they came on board. you think melania does that? i don't think so. melania gets in the luggage compartment and just stays there for the whole flight. the president had a lot of family there. the next morning, he posted a father's day message -- he wrote "happy father's day to all the dads, pops, and father figures who have shown us guidance, encouragement, and unconditional love." which is very nice. and to be fair, i should also mention our former president shared father's day's wishes as well. he wrote "happy father's day to all, including the radical left degenerates that are rapidly bringing the united states of america into third world nation status with their many attempts

11:41 pm

at trying to influence our sacred court system into breaking to their very sick and dangerous will." isn't that sweet too? what a sick individual! you know, i tell you something. if anyone deserved a happy farter's day card, it was him, not me. he's so angry on father's day. he was mad on father's day. i guess you would be too if there was a whole day dedicated to your two biggest failures. drippy and dopey. the doltson twins. the golden child, ivanka, came out of hiding to post "happy father's day! celebrating all the amazing dads out there with love and gratitude!" alongside a picture of her as a baby, with her annoyed-looking father feeding her and the mother he later burden on his golf course. that's very sweet. trump traveled to

11:42 pm

weekend. all 15 black americans were there to see martin burger king in person. it started at a predominantly black church which somehow turned into a predominantly white church for the occasion. this is the scene at the 180 church. the pastor said he was walking around the neighborhood inviting black people, and they laughed in his face, which is probably for the best. trump likes his churches the way he likes his oreos, black on the outside only. but there were some people of color in attendance, including rappers icewear vezzo and veeze. that is quite a trio right there. it's please don't run dmc. and then malcolm x-xl showed up at another event, where they really went all out for his entrance! >> you have to wonder if donald trump indestructible. >> please welcome the 45th president of the united states of america. donald j. trump!

11:43 pm

♪ proud to be an american, where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ because there ain't no doubt, i love this land, love this land, god >> jimmy: are you ready to rock back and forth? it's like he was waiting for a spaceship to beam him up. you know there is a clip of joe biden going around today they say he froze and had to be escorted off stage on saturday night. i was standing right next to him when it happened. he did not freeze. he was just listening to the people calling to him in the front row. but the right wing media, while working very hard to claim biden is out of it, somehow seems to completely miss moments like this -- >> i think he should take a cognitive test like i did. i took a cognitive test, and i aced it. doc ronnie, doc ronny johnson,

11:44 pm

does everyone know ronny johnson, congressman from texas? he was the white house doctor. >> jimmy: yeah, his name is ronny jackson. it's not ronny johnson. it's jackson. if that was another cognitive test, you failed! and of course, no trump speech would be complete without an extended riff on a subject that is at the very top on the list of issues voters care about most. >> today you read where they don't want to have any water in your dishwasher. so your dishwasher won't work, and they think that's good. so what you do is you keep having it go on and on and on. the electric bill is ten times more than the water. and these are areas that have so much water, they don't know what to do with it. they're flooding. >> jimmy: not only is this nonsense, when do you think the last time trump loaded a dishwasher? maybe never? [ applause ] >> the shower where the water doesn't come out of the shower head? they put a restricter on. i took all the restricters off.

11:45 pm

i took them off. >> jimmy: what a rebel. what a riot. i mean, this man has done more for water pressure than any president in history! >> i've had the experience, i take a shower, i want that beautiful head of hair to be nice and wet, lathered. i want it to be lathered beautifully. and i get the best stuff you can buy, and i dump it all over. and then i turn on the water and the damn water drips out. takes me -- i can't get the stuff out of my hair. it's a horrible thing. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, it does sound horrible. just listening to you describe it, i almost threw up. i hope he has good water pressure in the showers at rikers island. because he is not going like that. he should, it's an island! they're surrounded by water! trump got a big bottle of pert plus for father's day.

11:46 pm

he's happy. you know, for most people, sunday was a day to appreciate and remember our dads and all they do. but fatherhood, if we're being totally honest, doesn't really measure up to motherhood. and to prove it, we went out on the street and issued a paternity test of sorts to fathers passing by our studio to find out how much or how little they knew about their kids in a new edition of "pop quiz." >> pretty close? >> fairly close. >> very good. we're going find out. i'm going ask you some questions about your son. >> yep. >> answer them as best as you can. tell us if your dad is correct. first question, when is your son's birthday? >> it is the 21st of july, 2008. >> true? >> no. [ buzzer ] >> how old is your child? >> he is -- 28. [ buzzer ] >> 27. >> does your son have any allergies? >> not that i know of. you do? >> penicillin.

11:47 pm

>> oh, my gosh, you kidding me? >> yeah. >> what are your daughter's middle names? >> we got geovana louise [ buzzer ] and we've got evalina louise wilson, and geovana -- oh [ bleep ] [ buzzer ] >> off the top of my head. >> can you name your son's girlfriend? >> bianca? >> no. >> brielle. >>? >> no. >> breanna? >> no. >> bobby, bianca. [ buzzer ] >> i don't know anyone by any of those names. >> oh, okay. brinna. sound familiar? >> no. >> what is your daughter's favorite band? >> phish. >> yeah. >> for real? >> go. >> how many of your daughter's teachers can you name? >> none. [ buzzer ] >> okay.

11:48 pm

>> how many members of the band phish can you name? >> page, john fishman, and mike gordon, and their lighting guy is the fifth member of fish. >> what grades are your daughters going into? >> oh, man. so grace is in -- oh, man. i'm drawing a blank [ buzzer ] >> what are the names of your daughter's teachers. >>? miss lorraine and miss keita for hazel. is that true? [ buzzer ] >> uh-oh. did i miss that one? oh, man. >> just one more time. can we get your son's girlfriend's name? >> i have no clue. [ buzzer ] he just told you two minutes ago. >> i know. >> brielle. >> no! >> you said that five times. >> brinna. >> okay, brinna. >> how old is your son?

11:49 pm

>> late 20s. [ buzzer ] >> what is your son's fiancee's last name? >> well, it's going to be gomez, but -- >> what it is right now? >> i don't know. [ buzzer ] >> your and so his fiancee, do they have a wedding date? >> yes. >> what is it? >> october 31st. >> you getting married on halloween? >> no. [ buzzer ] >> can we get your wife in here to see if she knows any better? >> when is your son's birthday? >> august 23rd. >> what is your son's fiancee? >> ariel hernandez. >> when is your son getting married? >> okay 24, 2025. >> any teachers? >> second grade ms. burns, high school, mr. green, obeirne, dees. >> yeah, i think that's enough. >> all right, one more time. what is your son's girlfriend's name?

11:50 pm

not brielle. [ applause ] >> jimmy: get it eventually. thanks, dad. we have a good show for you tonight. from "the bear" lionel boyce is here. we've got music from madison beer and we'll be right back with austin butler. ♪ abc's "jimmy kimmel live!" brought to you by pet smart.

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♪ >> jimmy: welcome back. tonight, you know him as the man who makes the pastries on "the bear," lionel boyce is with us. [ cheering ] then later, making her third appearance on the show, her new song is called "make you mine." madison beer on our outdoor stage. this week, we've got new shows with dakota johnson, norman reedus, jack quaid, hannah einbinder and zac efron,

11:55 pm

with music from gracie abrams, maya hawke and wallows. so please join us for all that. our first guest tonight has journeyed from the gates of graceland to the dunes of arrakis. now he's the king of the road in the new movie "the bikeriders," it opens in theaters friday. please welcome austin butler. [ cheering and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> jimmy: how you? you know, guillermo during the commercial was telling us that sometimes his wife has a migraine, headache when they're about to get romantic. >> yeah. and i was wondering if you ever heard of that? >> i don't know what a migraine is. >> jimmy: i had a feeling. last time i saw you was at maybe the craziest party i've ever

11:56 pm

been to in my whole life. >> that was insane. >> jimmy: have you ever been to a party crazier than that? >> i was wondering if you get star-st star-struck. >> jimmy: 100%, yeah. >> it was insane. >> jimmy: it was one of those parties where it was like a party like tom hanks is going oh my god, can you believe who's here? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: right? >> that's exactly what it was like. do you want to list them? >> jimmy: the living beatles, the living stones. >> yes. mick jagger. >> jimmy: mick jagr, paul mccartney. >> bruce springsteen. >> jimmy: to see paul and ringo in the same room. >> jimmy: is crazy. >> kind of amazing. >> jimmy: people go oh my god, they're together. it's a palpable sense of excitement. taylor swift showed up. >> she was deejaying at one point. >> jimmy: deejaying the party. because she is not working enough, she has to work at the party. >> has to deejay at party news. >> jimmy: and bruce springsteen, and i hope you don't mind me saying this, but i got to watch bruce springsteen tell you a story about advielvis.

11:57 pm

do you remember? >> i had heard this mythical story, but to hear it from him of being a huge elvis fan and hopping the gates at graceland to try to get up there. and he knocked on the door, and he wanted to give elvis a song. >> jimmy: do you remember what he said to the guy? >> what did he say? >> jimmy: is elvis home? >> and he said no, he's in tahoe or something. >> jimmy: and this is when bruce springsteen, by the way, had been on the cover of "time" magazine, the cover of rolling stone. he was not like some unknown kid from new jersey. he was famous. jumped over the fence. >> somehow evaded the dogs and he is a fast runner. >> jimmy: and he gave the guy a song that he had written for elvis. and then elvis never -- i don't know, nothing happened. he didn't record the song. >> i'm so bummed i never got to hear that song. >> jimmy: what a great moment that was, to see that transpire. was there somebody there, besides the people we mentioned already that you were blown away?

11:58 pm

>> everyone. >> jimmy: me? >> besides you? >> jimmy: well, i can see the excitement in your eyes. >> it was meryl streep. >> jimmy: mayeryl streep. >> she is the greatest. she is just the greatest. i felt like in high school when you have a crush on somebody and they're across the room and you don't know how to say hello to them, that's how it was. i saw her there and couldn't believe i was the same room. >> jimmy: did you ever introduce yourself to her? >> yeah. what i did is i was nervous. so i ended up kind of not having anybody to talk to at one point. so i went into paul mccartney's kitchen, and i ate some of his vegan pizza. there was a buffet. and i was sitting there by myself eating this vegan pizza, trying to muster the courage to say hello to meryl streep. and then a friend said and he came over and he saw that i was alone and said you want me to go introduce you? he brought me over there. i couldn't believe i was meeting meryl streep with paul mccartney's vegan pizza in my

11:59 pm

mouth. she is so sweet. >> jimmy: she very nice. i don't know what one would expect from meryl streep. but she is too talented to be that nice. and will even forgive you if you have a mouth full of pizza when you meet her. that was just crazy. i have a photo of you at another party. this one like most of them i was not invited to. but this is -- where did this -- what was this? >> yeah, that's -- >> jimmy: flag day celebration? what was going on here? >> that was crazy. [ applause ] >> that was a mutual friend said you want to come over to my house and have tacos with snoop dogg and robert de niro? and i dropped everything i was doing, and i was there in a heart beat. >> jimmy: de niro. and de niro has an animal. >> and his dog's name is snoopy. >> jimmy: oh, a dog named snoopy. i feel like snoop now has

12:00 am

overshadowed snoopy the cartoon character in some ways. >> i don't remember what snoopy looks like. >> jimmy: does this snoopy smoke pot also? >> i think he might have been indulging. >> jimmy: did snoop offer you anything? >> he had it there. and i was so nervous to, you know, get too high and then be trying to talk to my hero robert de niro. so i refrained. but have you -- you've indulged with snoop. >> jimmy: with snoop? on television, yeah. [ laughter ] on television. >> no way. >> jimmy: yeah. well, thanks, i guess. but yes, in fact, i was at snoop's house, and i was sitting in the corner, and he had ordered chicken, a lot of it. and i ate a lot of it. and he was watching me, and i overheard him say to his friend, my nephew done ate six pieces of chicken already. one of the great moments of my life. >> that's amazing. [ applause ]

12:01 am

>> jimmy: by the way, i really like this movie of yours. it is like an old-fashioned. >> yeah. >> jimmy: like '60s. everybody is fighting, "the bikeriders" is a motorcycle gang and everybody is super tough. >> it makes me look way cooler than i actually am. >> jimmy: it makes you look as cool as you could possibly look, really. was that as much fun to make as it looked? >> it was so much fun. i'm riding on old '60s motorcycles every day. >> jimmy: are you a motorcycle guy? >> my dad road motorcycles. >> jimmy: okay. >> so i have great memories of being on the back of his as a kid. >> jimmy: you ride around with your dad. >> he taught me how to ride when i was 15. >> jimmy: oh, he did? >> he had to sneak me out of the house. >> jimmy: do you have one now? >> yes, i do. >> jimmy: so you're a motorcycle guy. do you wear a helmet? >> in reality, i do. on n the movie, i don't. >> jimmy: but you do wear a helmet when you're out. >> he had this idea of giving us, because they were trying to

12:02 am

figure out how the ensure the film. well, we got to have them wear helmets, which we ended up not. i don't know how they did that. but they had this idea for a while of these helmets that had hair on the outside. so it looks like your head is three times bigger. that you can't look cool with those. you know? >> jimmy: that's one of the most ridiculous suggestions i've ever heard. >> how do you solve the issue with that? >> jimmy: i don't know. they must have stopped at snoop's house before they made a suggestion like that. well, we're going take a look at a clip from "the bikeriders" when we come back. austin butler is with us. [ cheering ] portions of "jimmy kimmel live!" are brought to you by ore-ida, crispy and fluffy every time. dang it! [long sigh] now from ore-ida comes tot-protecting pants.

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what are you thinking back there? >> what? >> right there when you that? >> nothing. i squaring off with them guys. >> yeah, you and me, kid. >> jimmy: that's austin butler and tom hardy in "the bikeriders" opwho will be with on friday. when you think about i want to be a movie star, i feel like that's the kind of movie you imagine you'd want to be in. >> yeah, with tom hardy. >> jimmy: and michael.

12:08 am

>> jody comer. norman reedus, he is going to be here tomorrow. >> so stacked. >> jimmy: it's really, really stacked. >> we have a premiere tonight across the street. >> jimmy: they're over there. have you seen it with an audience yet? >> no, first time. >> jimmy: that theater too. >> and you and jody, you had the -- you were the starters for the indy 500. which seems kind of scary. was it? >> well, you have to climb up this ladder in front of 300,000 people. >> jimmy: that's weird, yeah. >> and then you get up there. that wasn't -- i was okay with that, but then you get up there, and you realize that they're driving sometimes 240 miles per hour below you, and they said whatever you do, do not drop the flag. and they say there is going to be this huge gust of wind. and we were also i think the third people to do it in unison. so we're like synchronized. >> jimmy: it's harder to do it together.

12:09 am

>> yeah. and they said don't hit the flags together. so i was holding it like a death grip. >> jimmy: i think we have some video of you guys here >> you know, there you go. and then they tell you straight up and down. >> jimmy: you can only screw it up, really. >> there is no winning here. >> jimmy: it's interesting. it's kind of like when you throw out the first pitch in a baseball game. >> that would make me so nervous. >> jimmy: it doesn't count, though. it doesn't matter who howe it goes. you can be embarrassed, yeah. but it's not going have any effect on the outcome of the game. that's the flag they're really looking for. >> yeah, they need that flag. >> jimmy: you could screw up the whole indy 500. >> they say this will ruin your career if you drop that flag. >> jimmy: ruin your career. have you t have. >> have you thrown the pitch. >> jimmy: yeah, i have. >> was that nerve-racking. >> jimmy: last weekend i did it, the weekend before on lou gehrig day. i threw out the first pitch at the aviators game, the minor

12:10 am

league. >> did it land you wanted? >> jimmy: that one i wasn't nervous because there were literally no people in the crowd there was my friend tommy's family and that was it. >> just nuts. >> jimmy: but it was play-off game at citi field that i did it. i don't know. i think just try not to think about it. is that something you want to do? >> i don't know if i have the nerve to do that. >> jimmy: did you play baseball as a kid? >> i played a little bit, yeah. >> jimmy: that's, you know -- >> it just sounds so nerve-racking. most of the time they don't let you go up on the mound. >> really? >> jimmy: it's really kind of humiliating. >> closer? >> jimmy: they don't want you messing up the mound at a real game. so you stand kind of on the edge there. it's not quite as difficult as it seems like. but you do want to get up on the mound so you can really wind up. you want to practice right now? >> did you do the whole thing? >> jimmy: oh, yeah, leg up. i actually shook off a few signs. i was -- >> that's great. >> jimmy: that's how i do it. well, one day. >> one day. you coach me. >> jimmy: you can ride a

12:11 am

motorcycle, you can throw out the first pitch at a baseball game. it's great to see you. the movie is called "the bikeriders." it opens in theatersed on friday. austin butler, everybody. [ cheering and applause ] >> jimmy: we're back with lionel boyce. ♪ (gentle ambient music) - design a training program. - guys, let's do some trivia. - oh yes, let's do it. - i'm gonna win. - how should i plant this if my garden doesn't receive direct sunlight?

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♪ i'll stop the world and melt with you ♪ ♪ ♪ mmmm ♪ ♪ i'll stop the world and melt with you ♪ have you had your hershey's?

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madison beer are coming up, but first -- every once in a while we take a moment to ponder the questions no one ever thinks to ask, the big questions, the ridiculous questions.

12:17 am

it's time now for three ridiculous questions with emily blunt. ♪ >> what is the most british word? >> i was about to say a really bad one, but i can't say it. i can't say it. i can't say it. >> jimmy: ah, yeah. you know what? that one's a lot more popular over there than here. >> yeah, it's used with great fondness. >> jimmy: do you think you could eat a whole ham if you had to? >> in one sitting? >> jimmy: uh-huh. it's really important to eat it. >> yeah, the problem is after a while, no, no, i can't. i reckon i could eat a quarter of it with some mayonnaise.

12:18 am

>> jimmy: it's not enough. >> could you do the whole thing? >> jimmy: yeah you know i could. >> you're i'm about to. >> jimmy: i can and i will. would you rather experience tingling or numbness? >> where? >> jimmy: your choice. >> tingling. tingling sounds quite nice. >> jimmy: oh, see, i was thinking the kind of tingling you feel when you bump your -- >> oh, no, i thought tingling was a sort of ooh. >> jimmy: like spider-man tingle? >> a spicy kind of thing. is this selling it for you? because numb just means you're flatlining. >> jimmy: to tingling. >> to tingling. >> jimmy: long may you tingle. >> long may you tingle. >> ketel one vodka, the answer to life's ridiculous questions.

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depression is a journey. i'd made some progress on my antidepressant... had some daily wins in reducing my symptoms.

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♪ [message received tone] ♪ ♪ i wanna see all my friends at once ♪ [find my chime] ♪ ♪ i wanna see all my friends at once ♪ ♪ [find my chime] [in unison] - hey! ♪ [thud] ♪ ♪ i wanna see all my friends at once ♪

12:23 am

♪ >> jimmy: lionel boyce and madison beer are coming up, but

12:24 am

our next guest you know as marcus, the pastry chef who is as sweet as the desserts he makes. season three of "the bear" premieres one week from thursday on hulu. please welcome lionel boyce. [ cheering and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: it's great to have you here. i heard this is your first time ever on a talk show. >> yeah, it's my first time. [ cheering ] >> jimmy: you know what? it's very easy. you just sit there and i'll ask you some questions. sometimes they'll laugh. sometimes they won't. don't let it throw you either way, you know. >> all right. that's easy. >> jimmy: and let's begin. by the way, you do a great job on "the bear." i think it's a great show. [ cheering ] you seem like your character marcus is like the coworker everybody would want to have at any job that they do.

12:25 am

>> that's really nice. >> jimmy: don't you think so? >> kind of. i've never thought about it. i just think about the one episode where he was not doing what he is supposed to and everyone is upset with him. but outside of that. >> jimmy: everybody sometimes does what they're not supposed to do. but as long as they have a good reason for what they weren't supposed to do, right? >> yeah, that's true. >> jimmy: i'm glad we settled that. do you now -- and i've asked this question of a lot of your coworker, but i think it's interesting. get a lot of attention at restaurants? >> yeah, more than i ever did in my life, obviously. there was no reason to before. but, yeah. yeah. actually, it's funny, i was eating with my dad on father's day, and we were at a restaurant, and i guess they kind of caught wind that i was there. and it was a waiter who wasn't serving us before, but it was this lady, she came over, and my glass was already full of water. do you need water? no, i'm good. and she started doing that.

12:26 am

oh. my dad is what is that about? >> i think she recognized me. he was unfazed by it. >> jimmy: do you try to show off now with the desserts? >> sometimes they'll give me extra pastries or desserts. >> jimmy: they're trying to show off. >> that's a dream come true. >> jimmy: right, yeah. it's funny, because it's great, until you decide i've got to lose a few pounds. i don't want to insult these people. i'm going eat four desserts. >> who am i to say no? so i take it and eat it and wallow in pain after. >> jimmy: because the show is super popular because it's set in a restaurant with people who work in restaurants. >> yeah. >> jimmy: also then you probably feel like you have to tip heavily, right? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: right. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it's part of the deal. >> you think about it being embarrassing if what is this skimp tip? i don't know. >> jimmy: for sure. who got you like interested in acting in the first place? >> it's funny. i kind of came in to it

12:27 am

through -- i didn't grow up wanting to be an actor. i did love movies. i watched a lot of movies with my dad growing up. and i kind of came into it when i did the sketch show with my friends back in the day. but i also did love movies growing up. i never thought of me getting into it. >> jimmy: what did you watch the most? >> we watched a lot. his favorite movie was "blade". >> jimmy: wesley snipes. >> i think that's every dad's super hero. i remember when that movie came out, he saw it friday night with my brother and saturday he comes up, have you seen "blade"? no. i'm 7. do you want to see it? sure. and he was quoting this movie for the next six months. i honestly believe there was a three-week span where he thought he was blade. p. >> jimmy: he's over that now? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: when you just said every dad's favorite superhero, i was thinking of my dad. he has no favorite superhero.

12:28 am

he watches bowling. those are his super heroes. >> let me ask you, has he seen "blade"? >> jimmy: i don't know. >> it will change his life. >> jimmy: i don't know if my mom will let him see "blade," but i'll have to find out. when "the bear" won the golden globe, you gave a speech. this is a big cast. >> yeah. >> jimmy: how did they decide you would be the one to give the speech? >> you know, i asked myself the same question. no, a couple of producers josh and cooper wade called me a few days before. we were all talking and we decided if we win, we want you to give the speech. and i immediately freaked out, naturally, as one would do. all right. i'll do it. this is a good opportunity. so, you know, that how it came to be. and the day of. you know, it's kind of -- my experience for it was you know, when you're a kid and you get a f on your report card, and the whole day your report card is home and you're counting down until you get home and your mom is going to see this and you get

12:29 am

in trouble that was my experience in the room. >> jimmy: really? >> i was nervous because this is a big thing. i don't want to -- you don't want drop the ball. >> jimmy: in a way you're worried you might get an a on your report card? >> kind of. yeah, it's like a weird thing as it gets closer, you're kind of like well, now have i this weird feeling. i kind of hope we don't win so i don't have to speak. and that's messed up. i don't know. but as it gets closer and closer, you get more nervous. and then i had this feeling okay, i think we're going win just because that's how my life likes to treat me. just prepare yourself. yeah, we won, and then you just black out and then it's over. >> jimmy: your mouth goes. you start talking. did you go back and review what you said to make sure it made sense? >> no. >> jimmy: you did not? >> you don't look back. >> jimmy: there is an episode. you're like they call with a stand alone episode where you go over to copenhagen you went to? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you and rami yusef who directed that episode.

12:30 am

>> yeah. >> jimmy: and you went to what they say is the best restaurant in the world. >> yeah, yeah. we got to go to noma. we got to eat there. kind of shadow for a day to see how they work. it was really cool for the most part. and i know rami has been on the show, and he's probably told you that he couldn't stop talking about panera bread the entire time. >> jimmy: specifically, he told us that he was bragging to them at noma that he'd worked at panera bread. >> that's an understatement. he wouldn't stop. 10:00 in the morning, first time oh, that's funny. 3:00 p.m., i see him in the corner, you know, when i worked at panera bread -- embarrassing. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so was the -- you sit down and have the meal there? >> yeah. it was really cool. i think something i like is just observing anything at the highest level, within the industry i'm in or anything. it was cool to see a restaurant at that level just to see. it's like a reminder that everything at the top level you get to do things on your terms.

12:31 am

like they give you a menu attend as a souvenir. not suggest what you eat. and they take dietary restrictions only what will kill you. unless it kills you, then we'll give you a substitute. it was really cool. it felt like what i assume tarantino's experience is making a movie. i'm making this and everyone is on board because they want to get his experience. >> except he will kill you if he feels like it will help the film in some way. he doesn't have any dietary restrictions i think. >> yeah. >> jimmy: well, that's great. congratulations. >> thank you. >> jimmy: i look forward to seeing what happens with you and with marcus' mother. we had a cliff-hanger the whole deal. >> yeah. >> jimmy: we will find out. they won't just ignore that? >> it's weird me knowing the answers and just like in two weeks you'll know. and we can have this conversation. >> jimmy: okay, all right. that seems reasonable. season 3 of "the bear" premieres a week from thursday on hulu. lionel boyce, everybody. we'll be back with madison beer. ♪

12:32 am

12:33 am

>> jimmy: thanks to austin butler and lionel boyce. apologies to matt damon.

12:34 am

"nightline" is next but first, here with the song "make you mine," madison beer! [ cheering and applause ] ♪ i wanna feel i wanna tase ♪ ♪ i want to get you going ♪ ♪ step inside my mind you can see the shrine ♪ ♪ got you on my walls believe it believe it ♪ ♪ baby don't be scared want you everywhere ♪ ♪ catch you if you fall i mean it i mean it ♪ ♪ closer i get can you resist ♪ ♪ it's relentless

12:35 am

it's why ♪ ♪ i wanna feel the rush i wanna taste the crush i wanna get you goin' ♪ ♪ i wanna lay you down i wanna string you out i wanna make you mine ♪ ♪ i wanna feel the rush i wanna taste the crush i wanna feel ♪ ♪ i wanna lay you down i wanna string you out i wanna make you mine ♪ ♪ i i i wanna feel feel feel ♪ ♪ wanna taste taste taste wanna get you goin' ♪ ♪ i i i wanna lay lay lay ♪ ♪ wanna string string string wanna make you mine ♪ ♪ see it in my eyes how they never lie ♪

12:36 am

♪ just a little bite are you dreamin' are you dreamin' ♪ ♪ now i got you up would you look at us ♪ ♪ fantasy to life and i'm screamin' screamin ♪ ♪ closer i get can you resist ♪ ♪ it's relentless it's why ♪ ♪ i couldn't stop myself, i couldn't help myself ♪ ♪ this isn't like me, can't you tell ♪ ♪ in this moment all i know is ♪ ♪ i i i wanna feel feel feel ♪ ♪ wanna taste taste taste wanna get you goin' ♪ ♪ i i i wanna lay lay lay ♪

12:37 am

♪ wanna taste taste taste ♪ i wanna feel love ♪ ♪ dance with me ♪ ♪ make you mine ♪ [ cheering and applause ] ♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, perfect wife. >> she made us all believe that her story was true. every single day, she committed to the lie. >> the story that shocked the country. >> hi, i have an

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