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Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (1)

Learn where to find the rarest Temtems in Temtem MMO

A Guide on Where to Find Them


Catching, leveling up, and evolving new companions is one of the most fun aspects of Temtem gameplay. It is alsowhat keeps players invested - it gives them a feeling ofprogression and a constantly changing set of in-game goals to pursue. On top of that, the fact that some of the Temtem stats are,to some extent,randomized ensures that training a perfect Temtemtakes an extremely long time. This system creates a room for two main types of players: Duelists and Collectors. The first type tends to focus on the PvP aspect of the game, wants to make their companions as strong as possible, and does not pay much attention to the Temtem's rarity (unless a specific rare Temtem is also extremely powerful). The second type focuses on the Creature-Collection aspect of the game; Collectors will go out of their way to get their hands on the rarest Temtem available, even if that means spending weeks on farming Luma* variants of some of the rarest creatures. This guide is aimed mainly at the latter player type, but we have added some of the more common, but extremely powerful, Temtem to keep things interesting.

*Luma Temtems are alternative color variants of normal Temtems. The difference is not onlycosmetic; it adds multiple special effects and gives the impression that a Luma Temtem is softly glowing, but a Luma Temtem will also always have at least three perfect Single Values, which makes it valuable to both Duelists and Collectors. Currently, one of each 6000 encounters of a Temtem of specific species will feature a Luma variant, which means that the chance of encountering a Luma variant of a very rare (5% frequency) Temtem equals to 1 in 120,000 (one in one hundred and twenty thousand random encounters).

Rare Temtem Spawn Locations

Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (2)
About This Temtem -A result of Dr. Hamijo's cruel experiments, this Temtem is a unique combination of Fire and Crystal Types (currently, this is the only Temtem with the said type combination, which makes it truly "unique" and somewhat peculiar). Anahir's most important combat traits include great durability (the result of high Special Defense and Defense stats; Anahir obtained during the quest will always have 50 SV in both defensive stats), and strong offensive techniques (including Meteor Swarm and Head Charge). As a Crystal/Fire combination, It synergizes well with other fire type Temtems and is weak to Water, Melee, and Earth.
Spawn Location -This unique Temtem ca only be obtained during the quest "Adventure in the Myrisles", in the Anak Volcano on Omninesia, after putting an end to Dr. Hamijo's cruel experiments by defeating him (Anahir does not spawn anywhere in the wild currently, which makes him one of the rarest Temtems).
Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (3)
About This Temtem - This graceful creature is a combination of Wind and Mental Types which makes her very powerful against almost all other Temtems (with the notable exception of Electric Types that will fry Barnshe in no time, as they get 4x attack bonus against her). Barnshe's most important traits include high Special Defense and Special Attack SVs, good Speed, and a flexible technique selection that allows her to act as one of the strongest supports in the game (she can make herself untargettable for a turn with Intimidation and protect her allies with Bamboozle). Barnshe's rarity makes her one of the most expensive Temtems currently available.
Spawn Location -Barnshe is one of the rarest and most sought after Temtem, which means that her only known spawn location will be highly contested by players. She spawns with just a 5% frequency in the Windward Fort (Giant, crumbling and, according to local folklore - haunted structure, located at the end of the Gifted Bridges) on the island of Deniz. Look for her at the very top of the structure and prepare for a lengthy grind.
Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (4)
About This Temtem -This Temtem looks like a tortoise with a crystalized shell and is at the first stage of its evolutionary line. Despite being one of the starter Temtems, Crystle is, in fact, quite rare. If you didn't pick it at the start of your adventure, you might experience some problems trying to catch it in the wild (it appears with just 5% frequency at his spawn locations, but on the other hand, it is currently the only starter that can be caught in the wild). Crystle is a Crystal Type, which means that he is strong against Electric and mental types, but ineffective against Earth and Fire. His main strong points are good Defense and above-average Health and Attack.
Spawn Location -Crystle has two spawn locations, both of which are located on the island of Tucma (and both of which feature a very low 5% chance, so prepare for a lengthy grind, especially if you want to catch one with decent stats). The first spawn is located deep underground, in the Mines of Mictlan. The second spawn is located on Kupelelza, which is the east-most grassy island of Tucma.

Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (5)Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (6)
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Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (7)
About This Temtem -This powerful fighter is a Crystal/Melee mixed Type, which makes him particularly strong against Electric and Toxic Temtems. Some say that he is the best offensive Temtem in the game, and for a very good reason. Gyalis comes with very high values in Attack, Speed, and Health, which makes him rather scary in a fight. Moreover, his selection of techniques complements his stats very well; Block provides him with strong Defense, Show Off boosts his Attack to ridiculous values, and Footwork boosts his already great Speed to stratospheric levels. Once Gyalis gets going, he is almost unstoppable and his signature offensive techniques, Crystal Bite and Drill Impact will quickly annihilate any opposition.
Spawn Location -Gyalis is one of the rarest Temtems currently available. He spawns with a very low, 5% frequency in the Mines of Mictian (he shares spawn location with the previous entry on our list - Crystle, which means that you might strike two birds with one stone... if you are particularly lucky) that are located under the island of Tucma.
Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (8)
About This Temtem - Don't let the adorable look of this creature fool you, it is one of the most powerful Temtems in the game. Kinu is a Mental/Nature mixed type, which makes her strong against Neutral, Water, Nature, Earth, and Melee Temtems. Her main strongpoints include very high Special Defense, above-average Speed and Attack stats, and very powerful healing ability (Hypnosis + Revitalize combination is one of the strongest moves you can perform and it lets you save Balms which makes it very cost-effective and economic to use). Currently, Kinu is regarded as one of the strongest support Temtem available and you don't see her in every encounter just because of her high rarity.
Spawn Location - Kinu can be found in the Giant Banyan, which is a landmark on the Omninesia island that unlocks after completing The Hangroad quest (which means that you will have to progress quite deep into the island's storyline). To re-enter the area, you will need to defeat Dr. Hamijo. If you are interested in grinding this Temtem, prepare to spend some time on the spawn as it appears just 5% of the time.
Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (9)
About This Temtem - Thismenacingly-looking orange beast is arguably the most powerful (and the most dangerous) Fire Type Temtem currently available, which makes him exceptionally strong versus Nature and Crystal Temtems. If handled with care and properly trained, Mastione will scorch your enemies with his devastating attacks, like Embers and Meteor Swarm. Mastione's main strong points are his very high Attack value, rather good Health, and a set of devasting offensive techniques. Moreover, his other stats are on respectable levels as well, with only Special Defense being subpar. He is a final form of his evolutionary line (the first being Magmis), but he still can be found in the wild if you know where to look and are patient enough.
Spawn Location -As a fire-loving beast, Mastione can be found exclusively in the Anak Volcano, which is one of the most inhospitable places of the Airborne Archipelago, located on the island of Omninesia. Be aware that he has a very low spawn rate and obtaining him might take quite some time.
Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (10)
About This Temtem -These hardy and very tough Earth/Crystal Type Temtem possess heightened senses that make them almost impossible to track and catch in their natural environment (Mudrid is said to be one of the most elusive Temtem species). However, once tracked and caught (which is a truly rare occurrence), they become one of the most versatile fighters the game has to offer. Their outstanding Health and Speed values, combined with versatile technique selection makes Mudrids a worthy addition to any Temtem roster (especially if you are looking for a jack-of-all-trades type of Temtem). As Earth/Crystal mixed type, they are very strong against Electric and Toxic Temtems, strong against Mental and other Crystal Temtems, but very susceptible to attacks from Melee types. Mudrid is an evolution of Bunbun and marks the end of his evolutionary line.
Spawn Location -Mudrid is one of the rarest Temtem species in the game. He spawns exclusively in the deepest parts ofthe Mines of Mictian with a very low, 5% frequency, so prepare for a lengthy grind if you want to add him to your collection.
Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (11)
About This Temtem -An aquatic Temtem of the Electric/Water mixed type that can obtain the Electric Synthesize trait, which is one of the most powerful traits in the game (It converts any electric damage received by Nessla into healing!). When combined with another Electric Temtem that can use the Chain Lightning ability, Nessla becomes almost invincible. As an Electric/Water type, he is strong against Fire, Water, and Wind Temtems. His stats, while not particularly outstanding, present a good balance of offense and defense, with only Health being on the lower side (but Electric Synthesize more than makes up for it). If you are looking for an overpowered combo, you have to add Nessla to your roster.
Spawn Location -Nessla prefers large bodies of water as his electric powers are the most effective there. He can be found on the island of Deniz in two separate locations, both of which will require you to have the Surfboard that will allow you to travel through water. The first known Nessla spawn location is the Thaalassian Cliffs and the second is the Sillaro River. Be aware that Nessla's spawn rate is just 5%.
Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (12)Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (13)
Occlura⇒ Myx
About This Temtem -Occlura is a Crystal Type Temtem that does not appear special at a first glance, but... it evolves into Myx that is currently unavailable in the wild. This means that evolving Occlura is the only way of actually obtaining Myx (except trading, of course). Myx is great because it is a Crystal/Mental type with great sustain/survivability and high damage potential. His/Her other strongpoints include insanely high Special Attack value and very high Special Defense value. Moreover, Myx's Rejuvenate and Puppet Master traits are among the best in the game. If you want to have one of the best Mental Temtems in the game, you have no other choice than to farm Occlura and evolve it into Myx. It's a rather laborious process, but at least Occlura is quite common and leveling him up does not take too much time.
Spawn Location -Occlura is a common sight on the island of Tucma. These Temtems are known to inhabit the Kupelelza,the east-most grassy island of Tucma (Occlura has a whopping 60% chance to turn up). A word says that other, much rarer Temtem also spawn there.
Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (14)
About This Temtem - Deep sea is one of the most mysterious areas in the whole Airborne Archipelago, and Temtem that live under the sea are shrouded in mystery. Oceara, a legendary Temtem believed to be a part of the "Sea-Queen Legend", is one of these rare creatures. This Water Type is one of the most extraordinary and powerful creatures in the game. Her Special Attack and Speed values are off the charts (in fact, Oceara has the highest base stats of all currently known Temtems). She is very effective against Fire and Earth types and can beat pretty much all other Water-types because of her raw power. Combining Oceara with Earth, Wind, or Fire Temtems will create some of the most synergistic combinations possible. The fact that Oceara is one of the most expensive Temtem does not surprise anyone who has seen her in action.
Spawn Location -This rare Temtem has just one known spawn location. A word says that Oceara lives somewhere on the island of Deniz, but hardly anyone has ever seen her. Those who did, however, state that her lair is located somewhere inside the Aguamarina Caves. This is a dangerous place and getting there will require you to have a surfboard. Prepare for a lengthy grind as Oceara will appear with just a 5% frequency.
Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (15)Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (16)Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (17)
Raiber⇒ Raize⇒Raican
About This Temtem -Raiber is an uncommon Fire Type Temtem, and there would not be anything too special about him if not for one thing... Raiber is the first Temtem in his three-stage evolutionary line and is its only representative that can be caught in the wild. He evolves into Raize and Raize can eventually develop into powerful Raican. The fact that evolving Raiber is the only way of getting Raize and Raican makes both of them quite rare. The second in the evolutionary line, Raize is already quite powerful, as he boasts respectable values in Health, Defense, and Special Attack, and can punch quite hard with his fire techniques, like Embers and Fire Tornado. However, it is the final evolutionary stage where things get really interesting... Raican is, no doubt, one of the most powerful Fire types and one of the most powerful Temtems overall. He is a direct upgrade over Raize; Raican boasts very high Health, Attack, and Defense stats, and his other statistics are also on respectable levels. Moreover, his techniques hit quite hard and he seems to shrug off massive amounts of punishment. This great mix of offense and defense makes him one of the most powerful brawlers in the game and a great addition to any Temtem collection.
Spawn Location -If you want to get your hands on Raize and, later on, Raican, you have to start by catching Raiber. There are two known habitats where He can be found, both located on the Omninesia. First of them is The Glassyway, where Riber appears with about 30% frequency and the second is The Anak Volcano, where he is quite common (some sources say that he can appear even 50% of the time).
Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (18)
About This Temtem -As mentioned before, Temtems that inhabit the vast extents of seas are among the most elusive creatures in the Airborne Archipelago. Shuine fits in the "elusive" category very well as He/She is one of the rarest known Temtems (and Shuine's favored habitat makes catching Him/Her even more problematic...). This Crystal/Water Type is not only rare but also rather powerful. Shuine boasts very high values in Stamina and Speed, and Her/His Attack and Special Attack are also on very respectable levels. Stats that hold this Temtem back are low Health and poor Defense. Because of this stat distribution, Shuine is a glass-cannon kind of deal that requires some support to really shine but is fast enough to quickly deliver a devastating punch even without proper support.
Spawn Location -Shuine is sometimes seen in the waters surrounding the island of Tucma. A word says that He/She has chosen the Kakama Cenote as His/Her lair... Getting there is possible only after obtaining the Acid-Proof Surfboard, so make sure to get one before venturing on your hunting expedition. Shuine will only appear with a 5% frequency, so prepare for a lengthy search.
Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (19)Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (20)
Tuwai⇒ Tuvine
About This Temtem - This Wind Type Temtem is believed to be a meta-mimetic, according to Professor Konstantinos, which means that He can, possibly, evolve into multiple Temtems. Professor also states that Tuwai's evolution might drastically change his properties and looks if he is brought to "the relevant Place of Power". As it happens, Professor is right, and Tuwai can be evolved into Tuvine at the Crystal Shrine in the Corrupted Badlands on the island of Tucma (and this indeed changes Tuwai's looks and properties). Tuvine is a Wind/Crystal Type Temtem with quite interesting properties. Mainly, his Defense value is off the charts (he boasts the highest Defense of all known Temtem) and his Speed and Attack stats are quite respectable as well. Tuvine can be a worthy addition to any roster if the player knows how to utilize his unbelievable defensive capabilities.
Spawn Location -Players can get a single Tuwai at the beginning of their adventure but catching more of them might prove to be somewhat problematic as they are quite rare. Currently, the only known Tuwai's habitat is located on the island of Tucma, in the Corrupted Badlands (which is convenient, because this is where the Crystal Shrine is located - Shrine is situated at the far eastern edge of the area). He only appears with a 5% frequency, so be prepared to spend some time looking for him.
Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (21)
About This Temtem -Valash is a Neutral/Crystal Type Temtem, which means that he is strong against Fire, Earth, and Melee enemies. He boasts very high Speed, good Attack and Special Attack, and average values in all other stats. He also gets a quite powerful Scavenger trait that heals him for 20% of his maximum Health if another Temtem is knocked-out (both friendly and enemy Temtems are counted, which means that Valash can be quite hard to defeat if an encounter goes right). As his stats suggest, Valash focuses on the offense and his set of techniques reflects that. Despite being very hard to catch, Valash is not that rare because he is awarded to all players for completing the "Shipwrecked in Tucma!" Quest (player receives a level 35 Valash as a quest reward). However, his Luma variant is among the rarest in the game (and it looks amazing).
Spawn Location -If you want to add a second Valash to your collection, or just want to try your luck in getting the Luma variant, prepare for a lengthy grind. Currently, there is only one spot where this Temtem appears - the Mines of Mictlan on the island of Tucma. Valash has about a 5% chance to appear.
Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (22)
About This Temtem -This impressive-looking creature is one of the most powerful Temtem you can currently get. Volarend is a Toxic and Wind type Temtem that boasts some impressive stats and very powerful Traits. He has high Health, very good Speed, respectable Special Attack, and exceptionally good Special Defense. Moreover, his Aerobic and Anaerobic traits allow him to increase his Speed at the expense of Special Defense and Special Defense at the expense of Special Attack respectively, which means that he can get very tanky or extremely fast during combat. Volarend's ability to greatly boost his already good speed makes him one of the best choices for quickly dealing with random encounters. If you are looking to get one, we recommend you to catch Zephyruff, Volarend's previous evolutionary, stage and evolve it because Zephyruff is much more common (Zephyruff will evolve into Volarend after leveling up 22 times).
Spawn Location - Zephyruff can be found in Corrupted Badlands, Kupelelza, and a small island west of it (all three of these locations are situated on the island of Tucma).If you decide to skip the middleman and go straight for the Volarend, there is only one place where you can find him... The only known Volarend's spawn location lays on the island of Tucma, on a small island west of the main Kupelelza route. He spawns with just 5% frequency, so arm yourself with some patience.
Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (23)
About This Temtem -We end our list with something a bit different. Unlike all other Temtems featured above, Zenoreth is quite a common sight and the only difficulty in catching him comes from the fact that, in the wild, he has a level range of 50-55 which makes him quite hard to defeat and obtain. He is a Crystal Type and boasts very high Defense value and good Health, but his Stamina is on the low side. He is strong against Electric and Mental types but struggles against Fire, Earth, and Melee. However, the main Zenoreth's selling point is his incredible Rend technique that deals respectable damage and Neutralizes the target for 4 turns on top of that! Moreover, His Channeler Traitincreases his Special Power damage by 25%, which greatly boosts his damage potential. Overall, Zenoreth is a great Damage Support Temtem that has access to one of the most powerful abilities in the game, and he is quite common to boot.
Spawn Location -Zenoreth is quite a common sight in the Crystal Shrine that is situated in the Corrupted Badlands that lay on the island of Tucma. If you decide to hunt him, please remember that he'll be at least level 50; be prepared for a challenging fight.


The above-mentioned rare Temtem specimens will be a worthy addition to any collection and some of them should be considered as real gems - rare and very expensive. However, please note that a lot of the time,rarity does not come in pair with combat effectiveness and rare Temtem will not necessarily be more powerful than common ones. This is why we recommend you to check our "top 10 Best Temtem list" before you decide on farming Temtem featured above; unless you are a collector, of course.

We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative.If we have missed an important piece of information, please let us know! Also,we will be happy to receive constructive criticismthat will help us improve our future workso leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

Pictures used in this article are theintellectual property of theCrema Games.

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Rare Temtem Spawn Locations an in-depth Guide - Odealo (2024)
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