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The Best Weapons in GTA V Online - Odealo (1)

A detailed list of GTA V's Best Weapons


Gunplay is one of the best features of GTA Online; 93 separate weapons provide a lot of diversityand easy-to-handlearcade shooting model ensures that firefights are fun and engaging. However, 93 is a large number and some players might get confused while selecting their weapon loadoutand end up handicapping themselves by accident. Knowledge is power, and knowing which weapon will be right in a given situation will give any player a considerable advantage over the ones who just use a single weapon all the time. This is why we have decided to make a shortlist of the strongest and the most useful armaments in GTA Online. We hope that, with the help of our list, you will be able to adjust your weapon loadout to any given mission anddiscover what statistics/traits make a gun stronger than its counterpartswhich will help you determine weapons that suit your playstyle the most.

Note: Many weapons featured in the game can be customized with various Attachments that modify its performance (for example, suppressor lowers recoil at the price of lowered damage per shot and extended magazine increases weapon's ammunition capacity). This means that you can modify your guns to your liking and playstyle; take advantage of it. Here is a quick list of Attachments available in the game:

  • Scopes - Optical modifications that replace the weapon's iron sights; they make guns much more effective at long ranges by giving you the ability to zoom in.
  • Extended Clips - As mentioned before, these increase the weapon's maximum ammunition capacity, which allows you to fire for longer without reloading. We recommend that you extend the clip of any weapon that has access to this modification. The Drum Magazine attachment functions in the same way, but has even higher ammunition capacity.
  • Flashlights - Attaching a flashlight to your weapon will allow you to illuminate targets you are aiming at in dark buildings or during night time, but it will also give away your position.
  • Suppressors - Modifications that, when attached to the barrel,muffle the weapon's gunshot sounds and reduce its muzzle flash. Suppressors also reduce the weapon's recoil.
  • Grips - Underbarrel attachments that improve the weapon's ergonomics and make controlling recoil easier. In GTA Online, Grips increase the weapon's accuracy.

The List

Important Note:Weapons featured on our list are not arranged from worst to best or vice versa, but by the type instead. This is because we didn't want to make another arbitrary tier listbut rather point you towards the best tool for a given job/situation.

The Best Weapons in GTA V Online - Odealo (2)
Special Carbine
Weapon ClassAssault Rifle
Weapon TypeSubcarbine
Required RankRank 1
Magazine Size30 Round Mag; 60 Round Extended Mag; 100 Round Drum Mag
Caliber5.56x45mm NATO
Price ($)/ How to Get14,750 / Sold by Ammu-Nation

Weapon Description - Highly accurate, even at long ranges, Assault Rifle, that was a part of "The Business" DLC. Thanks to availability, good all-round stats, and high ammunition capacity extended magazine, this is one of the most popular Weapons in GTA Online. The only thing that holds the Special Carbine back is its Rate of Fire that is lower than Advanced Rifle's, which makes it somewhat worse than the Advancewdat very close ranges, but still, Special Carbine makes up for it with its high Damage per Shot and superb accuracy.

Note:The Special Carbine is loosely modeled after the H&K G36C Assault Rifle, but it has a visibly shorter barrel and appears to be more compact overall.

The Best Weapons in GTA V Online - Odealo (3)
AP Pistol
Weapon ClassHandgun
Weapon TypeMachine Pistol
Required RankRank 33
Magazine Size18 Round Mag; 36 Round Extended Mag
Price ($)/ How to Get5,000/ Sold by Ammu-Nation

Weapon Description -A very powerful, rapid-firing Automatic Pistol, available from Rank 33. Mounting Extended Clip onto this little handgun turns it into a pseudo-SMG that is more versatile (and generally more powerful) than any SMG available in the game, which makes SMGs somewhat obsolete. Moreover, the fact that the AP Pistol can be used from a car and while on a motorcycle makes it one of the most versatile firearms available (A more reliable and deadlier gun that can be used for drive-bys will be very hard to find). If you are having problems controlling its quite high recoil, attaching a suppressor should help.

Note: The AP Pistol model is an interesting blend of American Colt SCAMP and Russian OTs-33 Pernach, both of which have the ability to fire in a fully-automatic mode.

The Best Weapons in GTA V Online - Odealo (4)
Up-n-Atomizer (Raygun)
Weapon ClassHandgun
Weapon TypeRaygun
Required RankRank 1
Magazine SizeN/A
Price ($) / How to Get399,000/ Sold by Ammu-Nation / It was also given for free on 2018 Christmas Day

Weapon Description -Based on science-fiction directed-energy weapon designs, the Up-a-Atomizer is a fun addition to the game. Unlike other, more conventionalfirearms present in GTA Online, it does not require ammunition but rather recharges for two seconds after firing (which results in 30 rounds/a minute rate of fire). While not as powerful as explosive weapons, theUp-a-Atomizer has some very interesting effects on players and objects it hits - mainly, it sends them flying into the air or pushes them away from the shooter. This ability makes it great for unstucking vehicles (the weapon deals minimal damage to vehicles, which makes destroying them by accident almost impossible) and trolling people (pushing unsuspecting victims off a roof, for example). The main drawback of this weapon is its price, but it was given to all players for free during the 2018 Christmas "Festive Surprise" event.

Note:The Up-n-Atomizer looks like something taken straight from the "Mars Attacks!" movie.

The Best Weapons in GTA V Online - Odealo (5)
Assault Shotgun
Weapon ClassShotgun
Weapon TypeShotgun
Required RankRank 37
Magazine Size8 Shell Magazine; 32 Shell Extended Magazine
Caliber12 gauge
Price ($)/ How to Get10,000/ Sold by Ammu-Nation

Weapon Description -When you have to engage your enemies in close quarters combat, there is nothing better than a hailstorm of 12 gauge buckshot rounds and nothing fires them faster than the Assault Shotgun. This fully-automatic smooth-bore monster holds a whopping 32 shells in its extended magazine and is able to fire them in a matter of seconds, which makes it the best choice for any CQC engagement. Moreover, Assault Shotgun is powerful enough to take out vehicles and even helicopters very quickly. This is why you should always have it in your loadout unless, of course, you like to be at a disadvantage.

Note: The Assault Shotgun is modeled after the UTAS UTS-15 12 gauge pump-action shotgun, butunlike the weaponit is based on, it is fully-automatic.

The Best Weapons in GTA V Online - Odealo (6)
Sweeper Shotgun
Weapon ClassShotgun
Weapon TypeShotgun
Required RankRank 1
Magazine Size10 Shells
Caliber12 gauge
Price ($)/ How to Get14,900/ Sold by Ammu-Nation

Weapon Description -Assault Shotgun's little brother; It is less powerful but only requires Rank 1. While its bigger brother is better in most situations, the Sweeper Shotgun still has its niche. Mainly, it can be used while on a bike, which makes it great for drive-by takedowns. Sweeper Shotgun holds 10 rounds, which is enough to take out your target reliably with automatic fire (but it fires less powerful ammunition than the Assault Shotgun). Overall, this is a specialist weapon that works great in a specific situation, so don't forget to add it to your loadout if you like your bikes.

Note: The Sweeper Shotgun's model is loosely based on the Armsel Protecta but it lacks the stock, has a much shorter barrel and holds two fewer rounds, however, Protecta's distinctive revolving cylinderis in place.

The Best Weapons in GTA V Online - Odealo (7)
Marksman Rifle
Weapon ClassSniper Rifle
Weapon TypeDesignated Marksman Rifle
Required RankRank 1
Magazine Size8 Round Magazine; 16 Round Extended Magazine
Caliber7.62x51mm STI
Price ($)/ How to Get15,750 and "The Paleto Score" mission completed/ Sold by Ammu-Nation

Weapon Description - If you are looking for a universal weapon, look no further. The Marksman Rifle will get the job done at both long and medium ranges, which means that it can be used as a sniper rifle and as an assault weapon. While it can't fire in the fully-automatic mode, its rate of fire is still respectable and it shoots full-sized 7.62x51mm rounds that are much more powerful than the standard assault rifle cartridges. Marksman Rifle's extended magazine holds 16 rounds which is enough to potentially eliminate 16 opponents, as it has the ability to one-shot targets. Thanks to these traits, this weapon is a must-have in any player's armory.

Note:Marksman Rifle's model closely resembles the M39 EMR with an SKS Carbine's magazine, which makes it another US/Soviet crossover featured in GTA Online.

The Best Weapons in GTA V Online - Odealo (8)
Sniper Rifle
Weapon ClassSniper Rifle
Weapon TypeSniper Rifle
Required RankRank 21
Magazine Size10 Round Magazine
Caliber7.62x51mm NATO
Price ($)/ How to Get20,000/ Sold by Ammu-Nation

Weapon Description -The only "real sniper" alternative, for long-range engagements, to the Marksman Rifle until Rank 90 (where the Heavy Sniper unlocks). Despite having a low rate of fire and terrible reload speed, the Sniper Rifle gets the job done when a marksman weapon is needed. Its ammunition, while not as powerful as its bigger brother's, deals considerable damage and pierces through light cover with ease (hiding behind basic vehicles against this weapon is not really a good idea). However, trying to use it at closer ranges will likely result in the player's death as it is rather unwieldy. Moreover, taking out multiple targets will take quite a lot of time as the Sniper Rifle is bolt-operated which means that it requires the shooter to manually reload each shot.

Note:If you've played Counter-Strike, you will feel right at home using this weapon,as it is based on the Accuracy International Arctic Warfareand CS's AWP is the police version of this rifle (AWP stands for Arctic Warfare Police).

The Best Weapons in GTA V Online - Odealo (9)
Heavy Sniper
Weapon ClassSniper Rifle
Weapon TypeAnti-Material Rifle
Required RankRank 90
Magazine Size6 Round Magazine
Caliber.50 BMG (12.7x99mm NATO)
Price ($)/ How to Get38,150/ Sold by Ammu-Nation

Weapon Description -The "big boy" sniper rifle and one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Its main drawback comes from the fact that it is unlocked only after reaching Rank 90. Unlike the basic Sniper Rifle, the Heavy Sniper is Semi-Automatic and chambered with .50 BMG cartridges that are powerful enough to obliterate players with body shots at any distance and destroy helicopter's tail rotor in just two hits (shooting enemy combatants with this thing is an overkill as rifles like this were designed to take out military equipment in real-life). Overall, this weapon is an upgrade over the "standard" Sniper Rifle in all aspects except stealth (it can't be fitted with a suppressor which means that the whole city will hear you fire this monster of a weapon).

Note: The Heavy Sniper is modeled after one of the most famousAMRs (Anti-materiel rifles) in the world, the Barret M82.

The Best Weapons in GTA V Online - Odealo (10)
Combat MG
Weapon ClassMachine Gun
Weapon TypeGeneral-Purpose Machine Gun
Required RankRank 80
Magazine Size100 Rounds; 200 Rounds with Extended Mag
Caliber7.62x51mm NATO
Price ($)/ How to Get14,800/ Sold by Ammu-Nation

Weapon Description - There is no better weapon in the game, than the Combat MG, for laying suppressing fire and pinning down your enemies (maybe except the Minigun, but that is a completely different story...). With an extended magazine, this weapon holds a whopping amount of 200 rounds of ammunition, which is enough to deal with multiple scattered enemies without ever taking your finger off the trigger. Moreover, the Combat MG reloads surprisingly quickly, is quite accurate for this type of weapon, and can knock down targets on hit. Its impressive rate of fire and powerful 7.62x51mm ammunition also mean that it can make short work of unarmored vehicles.

Note:Combat MG's model is based on an upgraded version of the M249 SAW, the Mark 48 Maximi, but its stock is inspired by the good-old M60 Machine Gun.

The Best Weapons in GTA V Online - Odealo (11)
Weapon ClassMelee
Weapon TypeBlade
Required RankRank 1
Magazine SizeN/A
Price ($)/ How to Get400/ Sold by Ammu-Nation

Weapon Description - As far as melee weapons go, the Knife is by far the most elegant. While it does less damage than the brutish Hatchet, you can swing it much faster which has some serious benefits (like stopping your enemy from retaliating). Moreover, Knife gives you the ability to perform stealth takedowns (and who doesn't like to feel like a ninja) and one-hot-kill retaliations if you manage to parry an attack with it. Also, it can be used underwater which often gets overlooked but can save your life if you meet a shark. Overall, the Knife is one of the more versatile melee weapons, but it is not as satisfying as a Crowbar or a Hatchet if you just mindlessly swing it at your enemies.

Note:According to the in-game description, the Knife has a 7" (17.78cm) long blade and is designed for delivering deadly stabs.

The Best Weapons in GTA V Online - Odealo (12)
Stone Hatchet
Weapon ClassMelee
Weapon TypeHatchet
Required RankRank 1
Magazine SizeN/A
Price ($)/ How to GetA reward for completing the Bounty Target challenge

Weapon Description - This is, by far, the most unique melee weapon in GTA Online, not only because of its Tomahawk-like model but also because of its special ability. On the surface, the Stone Hatchet is very akin to its regular counterpart, the Hatcher; it can be used on Bikes, it has a very comparable swing speed and deals similar damage. But... after you score a kill with it, you enter the Rampage Mode which makes you greatly resistant to Damage (almost unkillable) for a few seconds. Moreover, Rampage can be lengthened by making subsequent kills, turning you into a juggernaut in 1 vs X melee engagements. However, there are three important things to remember when it comes to the Rampage Mode: Firstly, switching weapons when it is active will automatically end it. Secondly, once Rampage fades out, it comes on a 30-second cooldown during which Stone Hatchet turns into a regular melee weapon. And thirdly, it only works in the Free Mode (which is for the best).

The Best Weapons in GTA V Online - Odealo (13)
Grenade Launcher
Weapon ClassHeavy Weapon
Weapon TypeGrenade Launcher
Required RankRank 60
Magazine Size10 Grenades
Price ($)/ How to Get32,400/ Sold by Ammu-Nation

Weapon Description - The first Heavy Weapon you will get your hands on as it "only" requires Rang 60. Grenade Launcher is a VERY powerful piece of equipment; it carries 10 40-millimeter Grenades in a revolving magazine and can be fired in a semi-automatic mode, which enables you to massacre overwhelming enemy forces in mere seconds. Its main drawback comes from the fact that its Grenades aren't self-propelled, which greatly limits their range and forces them to be fired in an arc (unlike the RPG which can be fired in a straight line, which makes hitting far away targets much easieras projectile's travel time is much, much shorter).

Note:While being modeled after the Milkor MGL, the Grenade Launcher holds 10 Grenadesdespite the fact that its revolving magazine clearly looks like it should only carry 6.

The Best Weapons in GTA V Online - Odealo (14)
Rocket Launcher (RPG)
Weapon ClassHeavy Weapon
Weapon TypeRocket Launcher
Required RankRank 100
Magazine Size1 Rocket
Caliber40-105mm Warhead
Price ($)/ How to Get26,250/ Sold by Ammu-Nation

Weapon Description - The most iconic weapon of the GTA series and, in many aspects, the most powerful. There is no better tool than the Rocket Launcher if you want to cause havoc among your enemies or take them out together with vehicles they are hiding behind. A single shot is all you need, most of the time, which means that the weapon's long reload is not really a big drawback. Moreover, RPG's big splash radius allows you to do some funky stuff, like killing enemies that are hiding behind a corner by shooting at the ground next to them, or taking out multiple targets with a single, well-aimed, shot. Rocket Launcher is also one of the best weapons for taking down helicopters as it can one-shot them.

Note: The Rocket Launcher is modeled after the famous RPG-7 Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher of Soviet design.

The Best Weapons in GTA V Online - Odealo (15)
Weapon ClassHeavy Weapon
Weapon TypeRotary Machine Gun
Required RankRank 120
Magazine Size595 to 9999 Rounds (Shooting Skill-dependent)
Caliber7.62x51mm NATO
Price ($)/ How to Get50,000/ Sold by Ammu-Nation

Weapon Description -Wielding this weapon turns you into a real killing machine; a killing machine that is able to fire constantly for as long as there are bullets left (Minigun does not require reloading and you can increase its ammunition capacity up to 9999 rounds by raising your Shooting Skill). If you don't like taking your finger off the trigger or just enjoy watching everything you aim at crumble to dust, this is the weapon for you. The Minigun does less damage per shot than the Combat MG but has a much higher rate of fire (3000 Rounds a minute!) which results in second-to-none firepower. Its main drawbacks are the fact that it requires Rank 120 and that wielding it makes you move very slowly (but why walk when you can just devastate everything around you; relocating will not be necessary if you can just shoot your way through enemy's cover).

Note: Minigun's model is based on various US 6-barrel Rotary Machinegun models. In real life, these types of weapons are powered by electric motors. Also, the word "mini" in its name comes from the fact that it is one of the smallest of Rotary Weapons (for example, the GAU-8 Avenger uses a 30x173mm ammunition...).

The Best Weapons in GTA V Online - Odealo (16)
Sticky Bomb
Weapon ClassThrowable
Weapon TypeExplosive
Required RankRank 19
Magazine SizeN/A; Player can hold up to 25/30 Units
Price ($)/ How to Get600 each/ Sold by Ammu-Nation

Weapon Description - Power of the Sticky Bombs comes from the control you have over them; unlike Grenades, they do not randomly roll away from your target and you can time their explosion to a millisecond thanks to the fact that they can be remotely detonated (there is nothing better than blowing up unsuspecting players). Moreover, they will stick to Cars and Players, hence their name "Sticky Bombs". As weird as it sounds, they are a precision weapon despite being a throwable explosive. Sticky Bombs are unlocked at Rank 19 and you should add them to your loadout immediately after reaching this milestone.

Note: Sticky Bombs are comprised of two M112 C-4 charges, a remote-controlled triggering mechanism, and an adhesive agent that allows them to stick to various surfaces.


GTA Online features dozens ofpowerfuland fun weapons. This is why we have decided to describe only the best and the most useful/interesting ones available, but we also plan on expanding our guide with further entries in the foreseeable future.

We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative.If we have missed yourWeapon, please let us know! Also,we will be happy to receive constructive criticismthat will help us improve our future workso leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

Pictures used in this article are theintellectual property of theRockstar Games.

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The Best Weapons in GTA V Online - Odealo (2024)
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