Total Drama Presents the Ridonculous Race Rerun - Chapter 13 - Shelly_Vision (2024)

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“Last time on the Ridonculous Race, Lightning feared he’d lost B for good, and Stephanie tried to lose Ryan for good. Sadie accidentally let something about her true feelings slip to Katie, and Lightning continuously shows that he’s not as competent or straight as he says he is. And after a detour to return their cursed Hawaiian lava rock, and accidentally kidnapping someone in the process, the Ice Dancers came in last. But it was a non-elimination round, so they’re still in it. We’re halfway through the race, and these thirteen teams are halfway closer to one million dollars. I have no idea what’ll happen next, but we’re about to find out, right here on… the Ridonculous Race!”

-Theme Song-

Open at the Chill Zone, “We’re back at Zambezi National Park, where yesterday’s winners are about to collect today’s first tip.” Don said as the Police Cadets readied up.

—Interview: Sanders and MacArthur—

“I hope our camera crew is in shape, because from here on out, we’re gonna double time it!”

MacArthur was doing stretches in the background, “Time to warm up the glutes!”

Sanders pressed the button and grabbed the tip, “We’re going to Australia! Yes!” she said.

Cut to the photo montage, “Australia. Home to the unique Sydney Opera House, this cool rock I forgot the name of, and disturbingly cute koalas. Teams must travel by bus to Zimbabwe’s national airport to book their flight to Melbourne. Once here, find this Don Box and see what’s up down under.” Don explained.

Cut to the MacArthur and Sanders boarding the bus, where the guy at the front was too busy reading a newspaper to notice them, “What, are you mindless or just lazy?” she asked as she grabbed the paper from them.

“More and more teams receive their tip and get on the bus, but before they can leave, they’ll have to wait for the last team to board.” Don said as the camera showed various teams grabbing their tips and getting onboard.

“Dude, why are you carrying a fishing rod?” Spud asked Rock as they boarded.

“I was trying to see if I could catch some fish in the falls! But the line wasn’t long enough, so I switched to the rivers.” Rock replied.

“And did you catch anything?”

He sighed, “No.”

Justin walked onboard the bus and took the seat in front of Noah and Owen, “What’re you-“ Noah began.

“Don’t ask, I know this is going to the airport, so I’m just trying to get the next flight home.” he said.

Just then, the Ice Dancers boarded the bus. Their usual outfits were gone, and instead they sported black ones with purple sunglasses.

—Interview: Josee and Jacques-1

“The purple was too friendly. The black screams ‘Get out of our way!’”

“And ‘Wash us with similar colors!’”

“We’ve gotta stick together, alright, man? No more getting lost!” Lighting told B, “If we get lost again, we could be going home! And I can’t go home a loser! Pops would never let me live it down!”

B looked concerned.

Cut to the teams arriving at the airport and getting their tickets to Australia. Justin was getting his own ticket back to Hawaii when the boarding time for the Australia plane was called, and when everyone else was running towards there, Rock’s fishing pole got caught on Justin’s shirt. He screamed as he was once again dragged along with the race.

“All the teams are now on the same thirteen hour flight to Melbourne, Australia. Sleeping would be beneficial. So we decided to give them something to worry about instead!” Don said as the camera showed everyone sleeping. They were all awoken by a horn over the PA and a video playing on their screens, “Attention, teams! This is a Boomerang. Find one attached to your travel tip and you can use it at the next Don Box to send another team back to repeat the last challenge.”

“I want one!” Josee immediately shouted.

“If we get a boomerang, we need to be smart, and really-“ Sanders began.

“Use it on the Ice Dancers.” MacArthur interrupted with no hesitation.

“-asses the situation and pick the team that we feel-“

“Or the Ice Dancers.”

“Will you please let me finish!?”

“Off the Ice Dancers with the boomerang. Absolutely.”

While most of the other teams went immediately back to sleep, Carrie decided to walk over and talk with Kitty, “Hey. Uh, I’m going to tell him.” she said.

“What? For real?” Kitty asked.

“Rock on, sister!” Rock said as he peeked out from the seat behind him.

“How long were you there?”

“…I have no idea.”

“I can’t hold it in any longer! I wrote it down, and I’m gonna tell him. I… don’t know how he’s gonna take it, but I’m hoping for the best.” Carrie said nervously.

“I am so proud of you! It’s so brave to let someone now how you really feel.” Kitty said while nudging Emma.

“Ugh. Okay, I’ll tell Noah.” Emma replied.


“After the race. After.”

“Hm. Anyone else thinking about telling their crush how they feel?” Kitty asked as she turned her head to the seats behind and to the left of them, where Katie and a sleeping Sadie were sitting. Katie immediately started blushing.

“I- okay, I’m working on it! Really! I just… need to figure out how.” she said.

Cut to everyone running out of the airport as the plane landed. Devin reached the Don Box first and grabbed the tip, “Devin, I need to tell-“ Carrie began, only for Devin to grab her hand and pull her to the nearest taxi as soon as possible.

“Huh, someone’s in a hurry today.” Tom said as he and Jen watched.

Cut to the inside of the cab, “‘Stop in at Geelong Maximum Security.’” Devin read.

“Geelong Prison closed in 1991, but during its 146 years of operation, it was the most brutal and violent lockup on earth. Now it’s an extreme travel hotspot!” Don said as the camera cut to him in a cell, “As teams arrive, they’ll be thrown into cells. Each cell is equipped with one of four methods of escape: tunnels, trapdoors, hidden tools, or weak bars. Once they break out of their cell, they’re free to make their way to today’s final Don Box on the Barwon River. Boomerangs can only be used here, after they pass this point, the Boomerang expires. And, as a special bonus treat….”

Cut to Lightning reading the tip, “‘First team to today’s Chill Zone gets to make a phone call home.’ Cool! I can call Pops!” he said.

“Or we could order a pizza!” Rock exclaimed.

Jacques grabbed the next tip, only for Josee to gasp and grab it from him while shoving him to the ground as she noticed the red logo on it, “Yes! Boomerang!” she exclaimed.

—Interview: Jacques and Josee—

“First, you get the gold.”

“Then, you get the boomerang.”

“And then you get the pow- wait, wouldn’t it be in the other order? Boomerang, then gold?”

“Jacques. You’re ruining the moment.”

Cut to the Best Friends’ taxi reaching a traffic jam, “Aww, man! Traffic! Hey driver, I’ll give you a big tip if you pass these guys!” Devin said. The driver smiled and sped off.

“So, Devin. Uh, I know that-“ Carrie began, only for them to run over a bump in the road.

“Woo! Yeah! Pass these guys too, I love it!” Devin told the driver because apparently he was just super locked in that day.

“Uh, speaking of love, I-“ Carrie began once again, only to fall out of her seat because she forgot her seatbelt.

“Driver! Put on some racing music!” Devin said as the driver put on a banjo song as Devin cheered. Carrie just sighed.

Cut to the Police Cadets’ cab, “If we win the phone call, I’d like to call my grandmother. She’s quite old, and her health-“ Sanders began.

“I’d call my cat, Mr. Princess.” MacArthur interrupted.

“Okay, but we only get one call, so-“

“We’ll flip for it.”

“My grandmother is sick! Your cat is… is a cat! He won’t even know that you called!”

“I’ll know. Heads or tails?”

Cut to Carrie and Devin stepping out of their cab, “Thank you! That was terrifying!” Carrie yelled to the driver as he sped off.

—Interview: Carrie—

“I have to tell Devin how I feel soon! If we win today, and he calls Maggie, it’ll disrupt everything between us!”

Devin and Carrie walked up to the front gates, only for two officers to come up and handcuff them, “Welcome to Geelong.” they said before the camera cut to them being shut inside a cell.

“Okay, you look for trapdoors, I’ll check for a loose bar.” Devin said.

Cut to the Ice Dancers and Rockers arriving, though Rock had to stop to tie his shoes, “Dang laces! I knew I should’ve worn slip-ons!” he said, before looking up to see Spud and the Ice Dancers getting handcuffed.

“Aww, man, what’d I do?” Spud asked.

“Hey! What do you think you’re-“ Rock began, only to get smacked by a baton.

“As teams are cuffed and let into Geelong, most go peacefully.” Don’s voiceover said as the camera showed some of the teams in their cells, before cutting to the Stepbrothers running around screaming, “But others, not so much.”

“W-why do I have to be arrested!? I’m not even part of this!” Justin yelled as he tried to escape an officer. As Sanders was being cuffed, MacArthur jumped kicked the officer doing so, only for another one to tackle her.

Cut to the Police Cadets’ cell, “It wasn’t personal! I mean, yeah, it was your face I punched in, but I still respect you as a fellow officer of the law since you only cried a little! Super manly, dude!” MacArthur yelled from the inside of her cell.

“Are you gonna mock him all day, or should we find a way out?” Sanders asked.

“Uh, pretty sure there's time for both. Man, sometimes I wish you were a little more fun."

"I wish you were more professional! Stop insulting and punching people, can’t you just play nice!? Ever!?”

“I play nice with you all the time.”

“Can you please keep it down!? We’re trying to think!” Josee said from the next cell over.

“And so am I!” Justin said from the cell next to the Ice Dancers’.

“Don’t worry, trying anything for the first time is hard!” MacArthur yelled back.

“What did I do to you to deserve that!?”

“You’ve done plenty of things to us to deserve that.” Katie said from the cell next to Justin’s.

“Well, they’re not you!”

—Interview: MacArthur and Sanders—

“C’mon, that one was a gimme!”

Cut to Chet hitting Lorenzo on the head as he rustled the bars, “Ow!” Lorenzo yelled

“If your thick head can’t break us out, nothing will.” Chet replied.

“Better check the walls!” Lorenzo said as he shoved his stepbrother into the wall.

“Ow! Hey!” Chet said before jumping Lorenzo. They both put each other into a headlock, “Let go!”

“You let go!”

“I’m not letting go!”

“I can’t breathe!”

“Agh, neither can I!”

They reluctantly let each other go and stood up, “I think we’re really trapped!”

“Lucky for you, I have a plan to get us out!”

“Oh yeah? Well, I have a good plan!”

“Oh yeah? Well, mine is awesome!”

“Oh yeah, well, mine’s awesome good!”

“Okay, then let’s both say our plans on three!”

“Least stupid plan wins!”

“Agreed! One-“



“We put a mirror up to the bars so the guard thinks he locked himself in and opens the cell!” they said in unison before gasping.

“Did we just come up with the same genius idea!?” Lorenzo asked in shock.

“Yes! …favorite Dinosaur Ninja movie!?” Chet asked.

“Dinosaur Ninja 4: Rise of the Caveman Wizard!” they said in unison before gasping again.

“Best anti-zombie weapon!?” Lorenzo asked.

“Chainsaw missile launcher, duh!” they once again said in union before gasping yet again.

“Did we just stop hating each other!?” Chet asked.

“Yes!” Lorenzo cheered.

“Guard! We need a mirror!” they yelled in unison.

“Huh, first time I’ve ever heard those two cooperate.” Noah said from his cell before hearing Owen unzip his pants and sit down on the toilet, “No. No, hold it. Hold it!”

“I’m just as unhappy about this as you are.” Owen replied.

“I highly doubt that.”

—Interview: Noah and Owen—

“Seriously, what do you eat for breakfast?”

“What don’t I eat?”

“You probably don’t have a mirror because you’re so funny looking!” Lorenzo heckled at the guard.

“Yeah, I’m glad I don’t have your face on my head!” Chet said.

“Yeah, if I had your face, I’d… do something about it!”

“Ha, like, we’d go to the face changing doctor!”

“That verbal beatdown was insane!” Lorenzo said as he and Chet walked away from the door.

“We’re like a wordnado of slams!”

“I bet when he wakes up tomorrow, he’ll be in a coma!”

“Dibs on the bottom bunk!” Chet said as he hopped onto the bottom bunk, only for it to collapse under him. They both laughed.

“Could’ve been worse! Imagine if-“ Lorenzo began as he hopped onto the top bunk, causing it to collapse as well as the floor to give out under them, sending them both plummeting down as they screamed.

“The Stepbrothers find their way out of the cell and land themselves in first place. But other teams continue to search, getting more and more desperate.” Don’s voiceover said as the camera showed Ryan trying to bend the bars, Rock looking into the toilet, Brody knocking on the wall, Ennui looking under the bed, and Jen attempting to use a nail file on the bars.

“Josee, does this spot sound different to you? Listen!” Jacques said as he tapped his foot on a tile.

“It’s like there’s no air in here! Do prisoners not get air!? Is that part of going to jail!? No air!?” Josee yelled.

“Uh, there’s plenty of air. You okay?”

“Yes. I just wanted some air! …it’s these bars! They block the air!”

“I don’t think-“

“They’re using special air blocking bars! I gotta get out!” Josee said as she began slamming into the door.

“Josee! Stop it! You’re going to-“ Jacques began as Josee managed to break down the door, “-find the way out! Yes!”


“Wait! If you help us now, we’ll owe you one!” Sanders said, “You have my word!”

“One condition. I wanna hear your partner say that ice dancing is the best sport in the world.”

“You think it’s a sport!?” MacArthur mocked.

“MacArthur! Come on!” Sanders scolded.

“Not happing, never, not gonna, so-“

“Hey! We could be stuck in here for hours. This is our get out of jail free card and all you have to do is play nice for ten seconds!”

“Ugh. Fine.” MacArthur walked up to the door and said in a low voice, “Ice dancing is the best sport in the world.”

“Like you mean it. And louder.” Josee said.

MacArthur sighed and yelled in a super high pitched voice, “Ice dancing is the best sport in the world!”

“Huh?” Lightning said in confusion as he poked his head out of the next cell door.

“And who is the best ice dancer?” Josee asked MacArthur.

“Ugh, you are.” MacArthur grumbled. Josee raised an eyebrow and MacArthur sighed, “You are the best ice dancer in the world!”

“Are you okay!? Did you get brainwashed!?” Lightning asked, but was completely ignored.

“That is so nice of you to say! Buh-bye.” Josee said as she and Jacques walked past the cell.

“Ugh! I knew it!” MacArthur yelled.

“Hey! You promised to help us!” Sanders yelled.

“I am. I’m helping you go home.” Josee said smugly.

—Interview: MacArthur and Sanders—

“I warned you about those dirty, lousy, no good, ice for brains jerks!”

“You did and you were right. We’re never playing nice with them again.”

Cut to Devin shaking the bunk bed, “C’mon! We need to win this round!” he yelled.

“Or we could take a break? Breaks are good, right? And uh, I need to tell you something.” Carrie said as Devin tore a pillow in half, revealing a nail file.

“Yes! So, what’d you need to tell me?” Devin asked as he walked over and began filing away at the window bars.

Carrie pulled a paper out of her pocket and began reading what she’d written down, “‘Growing up together, I remember many things, like how you were happy when your training wheels came off your bike, or when you wore your favorite shirt backwards for a whole school year, but… the one thing I can’t remember is… a time when I wasn’t in love with you.’” she read.

“Huh?” Devin said in shock as he finished filing the window, causing him to fall out of it as he did.

“Devin? Are you okay? Did you hear me?”

“Uh, I’m fine! And, uh… no, I didn’t hear you!” Devin lied, “Uh, tell me later! C’mon, let’s win this… thing.”

Cut to Owen stubbing his toe on the toilet, only to notice it shake a little, revealing a hole underneath, “A trapdoor! Noah, help me open it!” Owen said.

“Oh no! We are not escaping out of the-“ he began, only for a hole to burst in the wall next to them.

“Ugh! We broke into another cell!?” Emma said before she and Noah noticed each other.

“Uh, E-Emma! Hi!” Noah said nervously.

“Uh, h-hey! Have you guys found a way out?”

“Uh, maybe?”

“Yeah! This way, everyone!” Owen said as he tossed the toilet into the door, revealing a hole.

“Ew.” Kitty said.

“It’s okay, the prison’s been closed for decades. Nobody’s been using the toilets.” Emma said. Owen whistled awkwardly, “Ew. Whatever, let’s go!”

After they all reluctantly hopped into the hole, the bars on the window fell off and Jen peeked her head in, “Hey, guys, we’re here to rescue- they already left.” she sighed before hopping down.

“Dang it, I wanted to help a prison breakout.” Tom said with a sigh, “Whatever, maybe Katie and Sadie still need help.”

Cut to Chet shouting “We’re number one!” as he and Lorenzo reached the Don Box.

“Yeah! First place! You’re the coolest brother ever!” Lorenzo cheered.

“‘All-In. Craft-a-Raft.’” Chet read.

“For today’s second challenge, teams have to construct a raft and sail it down the Barwon River to today’s Chill Zone. Last team to arrive here at the Carpet of Completion may be eliminated.” Don explained from the Chill Zone.

“Forget the raft, let’s build a floating spaceship!” Lorenzo said.

“It’s like you’re inside my brain taking my ideas before I have them!” Chet said.

—Interview: Lorenzo and Chet—

“We should have our own theme song!”

“Totally! Stepbrothers, Stepbrothers, were the Stepbrothers! Yeah!”

“That was genius!”

They high-fived.

Cut to Devin and Carrie, “Can we… please… slow….” Carrie tried to say.

“There the Don Box, come on!” Devin said.

Cut to MacArthur ransacking the cell, “See what happens when you play nice!? People walk all over you!” she yelled.

“Okay, there’s no tool in the bedding, so maybe look somewhere else?” Sanders suggested.

“I wasn’t looking for a way out, I was just mad! You want a way out? Here!” MacArthur said as she pulled on the bars in the window, tearing that entire section of wall off, “After you.”

“Wha- could you have done that the whole time!?”

“No. I could only do it because I got so mad.”

—Interview: MacArthur and Sanders—

“You think that was impressive? I can lift a boat! If I could kiss my own glutes, I would. You wanna kiss ‘em?”


Cut to Katie fiddling with the window bars while Sadie was looking through the bedding, “Nope, no good. Bars aren’t coming loose.” Katie said as she shrugged.

“I’m not finding anything here, either.” Sadie said with a sigh, “Maybe one of the floor tiles?”

Katie looked away nervously, “S-so, uh, how’ve you been doing?” she asked.

“Katie, you know I’ve been doing fine. We’ve been with each other at like basically all times since the race started.” Sadie replied with a chuckle as she knocked on various floor tiles.

“R-right! Yeah, right. D-didn’t really think about that….”

—Interview: Katie—

“Okay. How the heck do I let her know how I feel? How do I bring up what she said back in Africa? I- did it even mean anything!? Why is this so hard!?”

“S-so, uh, I… uh….” Katie stuttered out, still too nervous to look at Sadie in the face (and also was trying her hardest not to stare at her ass in case she was still looking at the floor), “A-any luck finding anything?”

“No luck so far. You doing okay? You’re kinda stuttering a lot….” Sadie asked.

“O-oh, me? Psh, I’m- uh, I’m fine!” Katie replied quickly, “I’m just, uh, thinking about some uh… stuff.”

“Like what…?”

“Oh, it’s, uh… just, uh, well….”

“Are you okay, Katie? You seem nervous about something.”

“Uh… I’m just kinda… y’know, t-thinking about the challenge back in Zimbabwe….”

“The Zimbabwe challenge? What about the-“ Sadie wondered aloud before remembering what she’d said and freezing up, her face instantly turning red, “O-oh! Right, t-the uh, w-when I, uh, s-said….”

“Y-yeah, t-that. I, uh, w-well-“

“L-listen, uh, it just, uh, k-kinda slipped out! I w-wasn’t really t-thinking when I s-said that! S-sorry if it, uh, m-made you uncomfortable or s-something, I t-totally didn’t mean a-anything by it!” Sadie blurted out nervously.

“O-oh. Right, yeah, uh, of c-course you… didn’t mean anything by it….” Katie said quietly.

—Interview: Katie—

“What am I doing!? Why’d I think nowwas a good time to bring this up!? She doesn’t feel the same way, anyway, I- I need to find a better time to tell her. And… also time to prepare myself for the inevitable disappointment. Besides, who confesses their feelings in a prison cell?”

“Uh, Katie? Are you okay?”

“Y-yup! Totally fine! Let’s, uh, keep working on the challenge! Uh, we still haven’t checked the bar doors yet, let’s-“ Katie said as she shook the bars on the door, only for the door to just… open as she pushed it, “…the door wasn’t locked.”

“…we probably should’ve checked that first, huh?” Sadie said as the two nervously walked out of the cell, neither capable of looking each other in the eye at the moment.

After Katie and Sadie left, the bars on the window fell off and Jen peeked her head in, “Hey guys, we’re here to rescue- they already left too.” she said with a sigh as she hopped down.

“Oh come on, I really wanted to break someone out of prison!” Tom said as he and Jen began running off.

“Hey! You, uh, you could break me out!” Justin said as they passed by his window.

“Aren’t you that guy that Katie really hates?”

“Uh… yes?”

Tom and Jen said nothing before running off.

“Hey! Don’t leave me here! I’m not even-“ Justin began as he shook on the bars, causing the window to fall to the ground. Tom and Jen looked at him in surprise as he got up. “…see ya, suckers! Ha!”

As Tom and Jen were running, they heard a noise from below them, “Huh. Wonder what that sound is.” Jen said.

The camera panned down to show the Pros and Sisters running from a crocodile in the sewers while screaming.

Cut to the Stepbrothers on their raft- no, sorry, floating spaceship, “Full impulse, Cap’n!” Chet said.

“Prepare to engage transwarp drive, Mr. Chet!” Lorenzo said as he made thruster noises while Chet fiddled with the fake blaster they added.

“Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!” Devin said as he and Carrie neared the Stepbrothers.

“Red alert! Red alert!” Chet said. He and Lorenzo then made fake blaster noises as they pointed their fake blaster at them. While they passed by without giving them a second thought. The Stepbrothers didn’t really care, however, “This is so awesome!”

“As the Stepbrothers celebrate falling from first to second place, more teams have busted out of jail and gone into the raft building business, and the currently in last place Rockers are finally heading for the river to join the other teams setting sail for the Chill Zone.” Don’s voiceover said as the camera showed the Ice Dancers approaching the Don Box.

Cut to Jacques and Josee running towards the Don Box, only for Josee to trip, fall face first into mud, and hear someone laughing at her, “Who laughed!?” she yelled as she got up.

“I believe you mean whom laughed.” MacArthur said smugly before Josee threw mud at her face, “You just messed with the wrong cadet.”

“Oh, I’m going to enjoy this.” Josee said as she pulled out the boomerang. MacArthur stopped dead in her tracks.

Suddenly, Sanders pulled out a boomerang of her own and held it like a pistol, “Drop it.” she said sternly.

“No! You drop yours!” Josee said as she also wielded hers like a pistol.

“None of us want to go home today. But if we boomerang each other-“

“Oh, she’s right! This is a bad idea!” Jacques said nervously.

“Ugh! Rip yours in half, and I’ll do the same.” Josee offered.

“She’s lying! She’s a liar!” MacArthur yelled.

“Don’t you call me a-“

“On three! You do it together in three!” Sanders declared as they both put their other hand on the boomerang.

“On three! One… two… three!”

Neither of them moved an inch.

“I knew it!” MacArthur yelled.

“It’s a trap!” Jacques cried out fearfully.

“You liar!” Josee hissed with venom in her voice.

“Wait, wait!” Sanders tried to plead.

MacArthur tried to jump at Josee, put it was too late. At the same time, both Sanders and Josee yelled out, “Boomerang!”

MacArthur and Jacques dramatically fell to the floor as if they’d been shot.

“The boomeranged teams are returned to the mother of all Geelong cells, the Black Hole.” Don’s voiceover said as it showed the four being locked up once again, “For the Cadets and Ice Dancers, the race for not last place begins.”

“Perhaps a temporary truce is in order? Just until we’re free?” Jacques offered.

MacArthur grimaced before sighing, “Trapdoors, tunnels, tools, bars, go.” she said pointing at one of them with each escape method.

Cut to Carrie and Devin paddling down the river, “There’s the Chill Zone! C’mon!” Devin said as he pulled Carrie onto the Carpet of Completion.

“First place, congrats!” Don said as they cheered, “You’ve won the phone call home.”

Devin immediately grabbed the phone, “I’m gonna call Maggie, cool? Cool.” he said.

“R-right. You do that….” Carrie said remorsefully.

“Ugh, keeps going to her voicemail!”

“You can keep trying until you reach someone.” Don said.

“Devin, I really need to talk to you before you talk to her.” Carrie said. Devin ignored her.

Cut back to the Stepbrothers, “Systems activation guidance guiding now!” Chet said.

“Affirmative! You are cleared for docking merger alignment proceedings!” Lorenzo said as they approached shore.

“I wonder if Don will let us keep our spaceship.” Chet said hopefully… only for it to completely break as they touched shore.

“Nooooo!” they both cried before running to the Chill Zone.

“Woah! How cool did we just look!?” Lorenzo asked.

“So cool, right!?” Chet asked.

“Not really. But, second place!” Don said as they cheered.

—Interview: Chet and Lorenzo—

“Stepbrothers, stepbrothers! We’re the stepbrothers! Yeah!” they sung in unison before high fiving.

Cut to the Cadets and Ice Dancers all trying to find a way out. Sanders looked up and gasped, “Trapdoor!” she called out.

“Yes!” Jacques yelled happily.

“If we get onto each other’s shoulders, we can reach it.”

Cut to Josee reaching for the trapdoor as she stood on Sanders’ shoulders, who stood on Jacques’ shoulders, who stood on MacArthur’s shoulders. She managed to jump out and pull Sanders through. MacArthur turned her attention to Jacques, “Hey. Once you’re out there, if you double cross us, I’ll make you pay.” she said.

“Pft, you don’t scare me.” Jacques said before MacArthur pulled him down and grabbed his shirt collar.

“I’ll break your limbs, tie you into a knot, and throw you off a cliff.”

“Okay, that actually does scare me.” Jacques before MacArthur threw him upwards to be caught by the other two.

Cut to Tom and Jen reaching the Chill zone, “Third place!” Don declared as they cheered.

More teams arrived, “BFFFLs in fourth, Sisters in fifth, Reality TV Pros take sixth, Haters place seventh, Brain and Brawn in eighth and- what are you still doing here?” Don asked as Justin arrived.

“I got pulled onto the flight here as well. And then got forced to do the challenges. So now I’m just here until we go to the airport tomorrow.” he said with a sigh.

“Ooh, sorry to say, we won’t actually be headed to the airport tomorrow. It’s another challenge here in Australia.”

“Oh come on! I’m not even part of this race, what am I supposed to do!?”

“Hey, if you can find a teammate, maybe I’ll let you in.”

“…I’ll take that into consideration. …I don’t know anyone in Australia, but if I can find someone, I’ll consider it.” he said as he walked off.

Meanwhile, Maggie was still not picking up the phone call, “Can I please just talk to you?” Carrie asked Devin.

“C’mon, c’mon, pick up!” Devin said, partially to avoid talking to Carrie.

“Goths in ninth, Surfer Dudes take tenth, and Rockers pull through in eleventh.” Don said as they all arrived. Meanwhile, MacArthur was being pulled out of the cell.

“Voicemail again!? Ugh!” Devin yelled.

“You can keep trying, but once the final team checks in, time’s up.” Don said.

“…is it bad that I hope he runs out of time?” Carrie whispered to Rock.

“Eh.” Rock said with a shrug.

Cut to the Police Cadets and Ice Dancers finishing their rafts and tossing them into the water. The four paddled as fast as they could in an attempt to pass each other.

“Maggie? Oh, thanks Ashton.” Devin said as the call finally picked up and he turned to Don, “Ashton’s her tennis instructor, he’s just getting her now.”

“Ooh, not great for you.” Noah told Carrie as he walked near her and Rock. Carrie sighed.

“Maggie! Hi! It’s me! Devin! I miss you so- woah, woah, what? No, we never broke up! Y-you’re dating who!? Ashton!? What!? Maggie, I-“ Devin said before looking back to the nearby people watching and scowling, “Y-y’know what!? Good! You… you were a jerk! People here have helped realize that! Oh, and, hey Ashton!? Word of advice, don’t mess up her latte order, or she’ll try to give you hypothermia!”

Devin spiked the phone to the ground, but Don managed to slide over and catch it, “Hey! That’s myphone! Be careful!” he said.

“Oh. Sorry.”

“So, how’s the girlfriend?” Don asked jokingly as he stood up.

“She dumped me! For her tennis instructor! And she told me this on international television!”

“Woah, the tennis instructor. That never happens.” Don said as he put a hand on Devin’s shoulder while looking to the camera and shaking his head.

“Maybe you should tell him now?” Rock told Carrie, only for them to hear Devin screech in anger.

“Or… maybe I should wait until he calms down.” Carrie said.

“Yeah, yeah you should wait.” Rock said as they went over to comfort him.

Noah shook his head as he and Don turned to see the Cadets and Dancers approaching, “Huh, they’re neck and neck.” he said.

“Yup. And who’s gonna take it?” Dom asked the camera. As they all approached shore, Josee stopped paddling. Wielding her oar, she smacked both MacArthur and Sanders off their raft, allowing them to reach the Chill Zone first, “Twelfth place to the Ice Dancers!”

They both cheered.

—Interview: Jacques and Josee—

“We weren’t cheering our ranking. Finishing in twelfth place is shameful and disgusting.”

“But knocking the Police Cadets out of the competition? That’s worth celebrating!”

Drenched, the Police Cadets walked onto the Carpet of Completion, “We know. Hit us with the bad news.” Sanders said.

“MacArthur. Sanders. I’m sorry to say, but you’re out of the race. I wish you nothing but the best. If it’s any consolation, I don’t like them either.” Don said.

“Well that’s rude!” Jacques said as he and Josee walked off.

A montage of the Police Cadets’ time on the show began playing, “Sometimes, the bad guys win. It’s… an inevitability of the world.” Sanders said sadly.

“I’m glad I got to do this with my partner. It was, it was uh-“ MacArthur choked out.

“Are you crying?”

“One tear is not crying!”

“It’s okay. I’m sure they’ll… choke on their ego at some point.”

“…no. This is not how I’m going out.”


The montage suddenly stopped, “I’m doing one more act in the mission to take down those skaters.” she said as she began marching.

“MacArthur, what’re you-“

“You!” MacArthur said as she pointed at Noah, “I know you! I watched Total Drama, and I know the kind of people you associate with!”

“Uh, okay? What about it?” Noah asked.

“Your group is always a bunch of quote unquote ‘heroes’ with you somehow lumped in there. It’s a little annoying, but I know I can trust you all to take down those Ice Dancers for us!”

“W-what!? I barely even know you, we’ve never even talked before-“ Noah began, only for MacArthur to grab him by the collar of his shirt.

“You’d better not let me down. Got it!?”

“Y-yeah, got it. S-sure.” Noah said nervously as MacArthur let go of him.

“Good. Someone had to carry the torch.” MacArthur said before she walked off.

“…stupid moral compass.”

“The end of the Cadets, heartbreak for Devin, and heavy responsibilities for Noah. Who knows what’ll happen next? You don’t! So tune in next time for more of… the Ridonculous Race!” Don said to sign off the episode.

Total Drama Presents the Ridonculous Race Rerun - Chapter 13 - Shelly_Vision (2024)
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