Union Sun And Journal Death Notices (2024)

1. Lockport Union Sun Journal

  • Prudden & Kandt Funeral ...

  • Lockport Union Sun Journal publishes obituaries and other memorial notices. Read recent and archived notices online.

2. Union-Sun & Journal Obituaries in Lockport, New York - GenealogyBank

  • Looking for Union-Sun & Journal obituaries in Lockport, New York? ✓ Search local obituaries online & browse for your ancestors in our archives!

3. Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

  • Obituaries · Local News · Crime · Lockport Union Sun Journal

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4. Select a package - Lockport Union Sun Journal Classifieds - AdPerfect

5. Union-Sun & Journal Obituaries (2010 - Lockport, NY - Obits Archive

  • 2010 – 2024 | Union-Sun & Journal obituary and death notices in Lockport, New York. Search obits for your ancestors, relatives, friends.

6. Obituaries Archives - Lewiston - Sun Journal

  • Death Notices · Sun Spots · News · Dear Abby

  • Published

7. Obituaries | Niagara Gazette

  • Obituaries · Death Notices · Williamson Funeral Home · Featured Obituaries

  • Niagara Gazette publishes obituaries and other memorial notices. Read recent and archived notices online.

8. Bob Neal: The Countryman: At the end of a tough winter - Sun Journal

  • 11 hours ago · Lewiston Sun Journal · ePapers · Newspaper Archives · Games ... Death Notices · A&E · All A&E · Things to do ... union vows to return and win. Dr ...

  • I’m not done writing, but I’m changing lanes. I have two books in mind and have been slowly, too slowly, working on one, a compilation of my columns, opting for those with long shelf life.

9. Obituaries in Jacksonville, FL - The Florida Times-Union

  • Jacksonville/Florida Times Union obituaries and death notices. Remembering the lives of those we've lost.

10. Browse | Obituaries | Niagara Gazette

  • All Notice Types Featured Obituaries Obituaries Death Notices ... son George Elbel of TX and two daughters, Beatrice M. ... Philip W. Jones Jr., age 68, of Lockport ...

  • Search Obituaries in Niagara Gazette - a space for sharing memories: search for life stories, milestones, guestbook entries, and celebrate life of your loved ones.

11. Obituaries - Orleans County Obits & Death Notices

  • ALBION – Robert A. “Bob” Stirk age 87 passed away May 15, 2024 at United Memorial Medical Center in Batavia, following a long illness.

  • OAKFIELD – It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of James Earl Rowley, affectionately known as Jim, of Oakfield, NY, who left us peacefully on Saturday, April 27, 2024, at his home. Born on July 5, 1939, in Orangeville, NY, to Earl W. Rowley and Marie E. (Gillmeister) Rowley, he led a life full of passion, purpose, and love.

12. Obituaries | New Castle News

  • When a loved one passes away, the next of kin will usually compose a newspaper obituary to communicate the information. While these notices are informative, ...

  • New Castle News publishes obituaries and other memorial notices. Read recent and archived notices online.

13. Obituaries - The New York Times

  • The New York Times obituaries and death notices: remembering lives that touched our own.

Union Sun And Journal Death Notices (2024)
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